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2020-09-15 22:47:28 (UTC)

licky lick


sorry for not updating yesterday. didn't really feel like typing since my brain was totally wasted.

today i'm gonna talk more about my cousin just cause i want to and i don't really have anyone to tell it to. so yesterday she cried. i thought she was crying because she had a lot of homework she had to finish since she said she was stressing a ton about it. turns out she was crying over a dude. she says she's been with this guy for a year and 7 or 8 months i think. she said the reason she was crying was because he posted a picture of another girl (that looked absolutely horrendous but im not trying to back up my cousin i'm just saying the truth) and he asked my cousin if she had another friend (that's a girl) that she could pass on to him. so she obviously got mad and i guess she was like mad sad. but what i don't understand is that she would tell me that she would talk to other guys and they'd talk pretty to her and she told me that before she even told me that she was already dating someone. so basically they just played each other bruh. shits wack.

my mom also saw her crying so she gave her advice on how she shouldn't be dating anyone at her age (forgot to say she's 13 almost 14 in october. ikr me too). i agreed with my mom but even i dated someone at the age of 13/14 sooo yeah but it's not like i cried over them like my cousin did cause i mean i knew i was only 13/14 and that i shouldn't cry over some dumb kid shit. then my mom went ahead and said that my cousin knows way much more than i do (like dating wise and having sexual stuff and shit like that). how little my own mom knows about me is sad. the only reason why she thinks that is because i don't tell her shit bruh and my cousin literally tells the whole world about her dumb ass problems. big difference there. either my cousin trusts everyone she meets or she just doesn't care. unlike me i don't think i need to tell anyone about unnecessary things about what's happening in my life. even if my mom or my dad asked how im doing with love and relationships i still wouldn't tell them cause i'm just not THAT close with them. plus i already know every single annoying lesson they're gonna give me. like cmon i'm the first child and i already have to deal with a bunch of problems by myself so my parents trying to help me would just be a waste of time. i wish they could just keep their mouth shut and comprehend that i know very little about the society we live in.

honestly though the only advice i do ask my mom for is whether i should pursue the long career that i want. even though she didn't even finish school she learned from her mistakes and the knowledge she gained she can give to me. so far i think i am going to pursue the career that i want even though it'll take literally 13 years to finish all my studies. there's really nothing else to do besides study and work in life cause where the fuck am i gonna get a good amount of money from. but at the same time it's boring. the most vacation i'd get would probably be like 2 weeks a year. but my mom said i have no other things to do besides work. which is true but it's still sad. so i think i've decided im gonna focus on nothing else but my studies and pursuing my career. love will come to me whenever it wants to.

lowkey though i wanna be a stripper. like no lie it looks easy but i know there's gotta be like some mental health problems involved but i mean i can support myself and if my parents don't then uhhh i guess i'll be a dissapointment :) but i only wanna do it for the money since i'm gonna need a shit ton of money to afford so many years of university and i don't wann have to deal with a bunch of loans. so becoming a stripper would lower those costs a bit and easy money. i'm still figuring out if i do become a stripper i'll have to change my class schedules in university since i'll most likely work at night and not be home till like 5 am probably. bust life busy life busy life.

shits annoying bruh. alright anyways i have to get back to doing my homework so see ya later alligator. bababooey out.