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2020-09-15 11:37:36 (UTC)


My 21 year old daughter is in the hospital, heart troubles.
I pray she is ok and doesn’t have COVID.
Her early drug use is coming back to haunt her.
I’m scared.
Hope she is going to be ok.
I can not handle it if something goes seriously wrong.

I waited till 750, when he was at work, called and left my voicemail....
“Just getting up, I’m not in the mood to talk today, have a great day, drive safe home and have a wonderful night. Maybe I will be ready to talk again tomorrow, will see”
Left it at that.he sent some texts,but I am not texting back.

He didn’t let me finish saying what all was bugging me yesterday,so next time he asks,I will respond....
“I feel it’s pointless to state what’s bugging me from the past ordeal where I was cussed at, told negative things, never got to finish stating what was bugging me, and hung up on,so don’t feel like going through that again, so will work through my issues all on my own”

I have music going, working on laundry, and some light house work.

I’m seriously worried about my daughter.
I pray she is going to be ok.

Back to escaping the best I can......