from my heart
2020-09-15 11:15:59 (UTC)

covid in my mind

12:16 pm

feeling pretty sad today. well actually since last night. ive been really busy lately and everything feels like a blur.

i went to joann’s with mom and we bought some fabric so she could make masks. in about an hour im going to meet with cindy and irene. i havent seen irene since march. time really flies

i feel like a nuisance today. i dont really feel like talking with anyone because i feel like im going to be a bother.

thinking more negatively so i feel sad about how i look and just who i am overall

also i wish i never spoke to jin. because after speaking with him after two years i feel like im the only one who remembered everything. honestly i really feel like i am nothing

also i dont know why but everytime reed texts me or when we are calling i feel like im gonna end up crying ao i wish he wouldnt text me or call me because i dont want to cry.

and also yesterday at work these ppl came and one dude looked like daniel from far away and it really made me sad because i feel like even though its been almost two ish years it makes me sad cuz i feel shy and insecure about myself now. i just wish i loved myself. ):