Experienced Life
2020-09-15 08:11:05 (UTC)

Feeling much better today 💊

Slept pretty good last night. Woke up feeling the best since post surgery. No pain actually and I gave sleeping on the bed a try which was always painful but not this time. So I get up and hit the lazyboy and here I am. Made a cup of coffee first of course and flowers are now in the family room instead so this is my morning relaxation time.

I have my TV but I like the peace and quiet of the mornings. Barely any traffic noise so it's nice and quiet. Not quite ready for any bright lights yet so I have the curtains still closed. Just enjoying myself here. Added coconut milk to my coffee so it has that coconut smell too. Not much difference in flavor but it smells so much better. Going to go back to taking all my gym supplements except for the preworkout powder. That thing turns you into an animal during a workout. Just take it 20 min before you workout and bam!!!! You'll be like a squirrel on coffee. It's like legal crack! 😅 So yeah, not needing that just yet.

Old friend of mine from my meetup group texted me last night. She still hasn't gotten her divorced and it's getting ugly. I don't know why she waited all this time. I've known her for about 7 or 8 years now maybe? She had some excuses but sorry, no one's fault but hers at that point. Didn't tell her this of course. I just gave her some pep talk and tried to make her feel better. She asked again how I did mine since we have some commonality with our situations. Well, my past situation of course and her current. All I could do was comfort her so that she could get a better night's rest by not letting her worry so much. It's not like it can be fixed anyway. it just needs to happen and when it's done. It will be finally over and she can move on with her life. That's what I told her anyway. Oh, and she's the hot one by the way from Lithuania. I still like her story about growing up. She told me she had to volunteer in the service in the past and she knows how to strip down and assemble an AK47? I don't know why I can't forget that but that is hot in a weird way to me. I don't care. lol. Heidi is jealous of her because I used to put her in my made up "Top 10%" of our meetup group. ðŸĪŠ I have a pic of her somewhere but too lazy to post find it.

Friend is bringing dinner tonight so I'll get human face-to-face convo again. Yay!!

I'm just enjoying a norco and pain free morning. It's nice and cool at the moment. Removed my neck brace to let my neck relax a little bit. No need to turn on the tv. I do have Alexa on and subscribed to Amazon music. Almost any song I bring up it can play. Loving my mornings.....again. 😎

P.S. Met a new online friend on this site. Hope I learn from this friendship to be a better person. Not romantic. Just friends.

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