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2020-09-15 01:50:48 (UTC)

Want to disappear

It’s almost 2am
I still have not been to bed

He wanted to interrupt every time I tried to say what’s bugging me
He cussed at me
Then he hung up on me

I’m not going to tolerate the bullshit today
When he calls
I’m going to pull the same shit

I don’t care

I’m sick of not being listened to

And he has enough nerve to tell me I don’t listen

Um yeah ok
I hear the shit loud and clear


No point in going to bed now
I will just sleep today while Sheldon is in school

I’m just so frustrated
He is really starting to piss me off
That’s good I guess
I’ve been passive long enough
I’m tired of being walked all over
Like a damn floor mat

Had the internet fixed yesterday
New phone line put in

Now if I could just get the cable box for my room
And my disability approved
I can start a new life

Change my name

Just disappear

Till later.....