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2020-09-14 14:46:43 (UTC)

Lots of calls and gym supplements 😊

I'm starting to take my gym supplements again. To be honest, I don't know why I stopped. I guess taking all those meds especially the pain killers made me stupider. haha. Well, at least I didn't go back to my ex wife so the drugs couldn't have been that strong. Anyway, I'm taking my fancy-smancy expensive vitamins from my gym again. Also glutamine mixed with my protein powder for my morning snack and I will start mixing my BCAA with my water again. I need to crank up with water intake to a gallon a day again. The EFAs I bought from Costco gave me rashes so I stopped those. They were cheap and my Dr said it's most likely shark fin oil and that may be why. I stopped taking them and voila! No more rashes. So I'll try a better quality bottle and give those a try. EFAs are really important to take.
Just to talk a little more about EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) or Omega 3 Fatty Acids, your body can't make it. It gotta be eaten. Heck, to make a long paragraph short, just Google it. lol.

Got a call from my gym. They just called to check in on me which is nice. Not completely forgotten yet. lol. Ok, so I can't hit the gym yet. I'm not allowed to jump rope yet. Not allowed to lift my elbows pass 90° so I'm not suppose to reach up too high. Not allowed to life anything heavier than 10 lbs. Can't even have S-E-X even if some hottie came knocking on my door one night (I'm sure I'd die trying though) but I can eat right and add more walking to my awesome (sarcastically saying) workout regime. Woohoo!!! I'm down to just taking just two Norcos a day compared two oxy pills every four hrs.

Had to take another 15 min pause on this post. Landlord called to check in on me. He was formerly in the medical field so he knows exactly what I'm talking about when I tell him about all the medical procedures I had to go through. And besides, having one single tenant in a 3 bed 2 bath home is as good as it gets as far as renting a home to someone. I used to go out a lot too so his house is pretty much close to how it was when I first moved in. Sure, smudges here and there and remnants of what the kiddos used to do but again, cool of him to check in on me.

Still don't know who sent me this bracelet. I got it shortly after coming home from the hospital. Hope it means or it's meant to heal quickly and not something bad like a slow painful death! lol. Maybe some of you peeps knows what it means?

Another pause. Awwwe, my landlord's wife told my landlord to call me and said they're bbqing chicken and if I wanted some. Almost said yes. Dang BBQ chicken? You kidding me? But.... told them we went to Costco already and got a rotisserie chicken (Yumming sarcastically). Nice of them to ask. I also bought flowers from Costco again. I like seeing them in the morning.

My meal train is still running too. Got a text from my friend asking me what I want for dinner tomorrow. I chose Chinese :) Beef chow fun combo plate. Yeah carbs!!! lol
I got my Sister, she can actually take me places but I'm missing my friends so I doing this more for her to visit me than the food. her name is Dana. She's cool. Sorta a rebel but a good friend. Don't know her as long as my other friends but it's been about a yr or so now so that's not bad.

That's my day so far. Time to eat and just send this post already before I get another call. lol Oh, I stand corrected on one of my suggestions about being positive. When outside, don't bother smiling to people. It don't work because you got a mask on and they the same. lol.

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