Experienced Life
2020-09-14 09:02:09 (UTC)

Allowed to put on scents again 🤤

So now that the back of my neck is healing enough, I'm allowed to use deodorant and other stuff now. Just nothing directly on the cut. I didn't know that bacteria and stuff can cling to things you put on your body like deodorant, lotion, etc, etc. So last yesterday, I started using deodorant again. Not that I smelled since I wasn't doing jack squat but some normal familiar things in life is nice. The really nice thing is I squirt some cologne on during the afternoon and when I wake up, I still smell remnants of the cologne. I know these things are expensive but I love waking up to the nice lingering scents of my cologne. Not sure if it's bringing up memories of the past but I like it and it helps get me my smile in the morning.

Today's plan? Pick up my meds, hit Costco for more spring salad and the mutant rotisserie chicken. Take a few walks around the block. Maybe break my old record of walking around the block twice and go for three. Hahaha. Even typing that looks so lame. Ok, putting down my man-card for a bit. Haven't been one in awhile anyway.

Sister just woke up. We're gonna have coffee and she's been making me breakfast. Much healthier than my first Sister. First Sister loved sugar alright. Nice enough to break in my vertical waffle machine. Yup, it's pretty cool and makes perfectly filled round waffles all the time. The only issue is my Sister would load up on the syrup. I mean she'd fill almost all the holes with syrup. I love my Sis but gosh darn man!!!! I am trying to keep my weight. With my first Sis, I weight 168 lbs. Now with this Sis, I'm at 161 lbs. The meals have been healthier but I think too my body is acting weird. Not hungry or just doing it's weird thing while recovering. Short circuiting a little but at least now I'm at a weight I'm liking better.

Woke up not feeling too bad. The surgery did give me a morning kiss hello so I know it's still there but I didn't wake up whimpering so I'm doing much better. Tried sleeping without the neck brace last night because last I spoke to the Nurses, they said try not to put friction on my cut. Well, pretty dang hard to do when you have a neck brace strapped to your fricking neck. They know of this because my hospital has a chart that is online that I can email or send pics to my Dr. or Dr.s anytime. So I show them my surgery every few days for their input.

Missed out on my friend's b-day wine tasting. Sigh...not strong enough to do this yet but it Inspires me to get off my ass and to get better. Hope Sis makes breakfast. I hear the coffee brewing while I'm on this lazyboy sitting on my butt. lol

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