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2020-09-14 14:58:55 (UTC)

Wish I wasn’t.....

Wish I wasn’t so passive.
I was told....
“Don’t text me anymore, just call”
So, I get a few texts this morning, I never responded, and called and left a voicemail.
Now it’s.....
“Don’t text me when I’m home, just call”

He is the one telling me what to do, how to do it, what to wear, what not to wear, etc.
Just gets under my skin that I allow myself to be ordered around as such.
What am I afraid of?

I wanted to drive my ex’s car down the road and leave it for a tow company, because he’s been moved out of here 10 months, doesn’t pay me anything and leaves his car here. I’ve called 3 tow companies and they won’t come get it, they don’t do that stuff anymore.....
So I was told....
“You shouldn’t be so hateful, it’s not healthy”

So, my ex, can park his vehicle here, like he owns this place, not pay me a damn thing, and I’m just have to lay here and take it?
I will remind him, next time he stands up for himself, how wrong it is to be hateful.

I can’t keep playing these games.
I just can’t.

Guess he thinks he owns me?
I knew he thought he was better than me, but didn’t realize it was in all aspects.

My team lost last night, didn’t matter, I fell asleep and didn’t watch the game. I was tired. I’ve been overly tired lately.

No, I’m not smoking my medications. I took a step back from it. The pain is 30 percent better, so don’t need it but once daily to keep it in my system to help with the pain. If my pain flares up then I will hit it twice daily or three times daily.

But, it’s going on 1030, Sheldon has lunch in 45 minutes,so going to start making some beef burritos for him so it’s ready when it’s lunch time.

Our COVID cases are going up by 20 people per day, and there’s only 4000 people in this county roughly.
Just bites.
I’m more stuck at home now than ever. I’m not going to risk it.

Till later.....