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2020-09-13 16:19:23 (UTC)

Back on the saddle 😜

Well, I made it walking around the block twice in a row today. Cane assisted. lol. No participation medal when I got home. Anyway, I'm slowly starting back up again. More like a slow boat to China but I'm on it. I doubt I burned much in calories but it's a start. Before this, I went to the Asian market because Sister likes the food there.

At these asian markets they have fish that's already fried and all the other asian types of food. Anyway, while there I did notice I'm not so invisible anymore. Maybe translucent but people see me now. I changed from a button up shirt to a regular Calvin Klein T shirt. It's been only now that I can pull up or put on a T shirt without hurting my back. Still got my dorky looking neck brace and cane but I don't look so decrepid. I lost weight (the wrong way due to lack of appetite). The shirt fits me nicely so it did show me having a sort of V shape'd core again.I finally got some looks from some people as we passed each other in the aisles. Can't sneak a smile to each other because we are all masked.

It's around my 3 yr anniversary being a gym member. Actually, I was still in what we'd call a "6 week challenge". I joined as a gym member after. I recall in the beginning, the coach would start us slow and told us to run to the end of the building and come back. I can vividly recall not able to run past 10 steps. When I did make it as time went on, I came in last. Until finally one day, I came in 2nd to the last. Only because I beat a 67 yr old lady. haha. No kidding. This is true.

Fast forward a year or so later plus pre-surgery and pre Covid, I'm always the first one to finish at the Folsom gym. I'd always be in the top 3 at the Sunrise gym. Now?
Why do I say this stuff? Because now I'm back to getting beat by a 67 yr old lady status. In fact, less than that. I probably couldn't do 10 jogging steps without pain or passing out lol.
So here I am again. Poetically at a time where FB posts pops up showing my early gym achievements from three years ago. Well, I'm fine with that. Back to square one.

Where is that 67 year old lady so I can challenge her to a race around the building again? lol. I wonder what would happen if I did 100 jump ropes? Probably shoot the rods outta my neck. lol

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