Do Not Disturb

2020-09-13 21:10:07 (UTC)


The funeral was yesterday very emotional but luckily I didn't cry. I was sad but I didn't cry which is weird since I'm already emotional as is. It's so weird how your not gonna see that person for so long after they die. Not even what they look like just a picture. I lost two Grandpas this year. One of them due to brain cancer and the other due to this horrific virus we call corona. I just want this year to be over with. Luckily, we have only 3 more months until 2021. But.... Who says next year will be different?

I just want this whole corona virus to end so we can go back to live out normal lives and mot be 6 feet apart and wearing our masks everytime we go out which I done gotten use to by now.

My birthday is coming up and I wanna go to Do Re Me karaoke. The place that I've beem wanting to go since last year but ended up in the hospital for 7 days because of surgery. I'm turning 22 this year doesn't even feel like it to be honest.

I got some curly hair yesterday for the funeral. It wad long but my mama had to cutt it but we both know I don't like short hair like that but when my mom pinned the sides up I started to like it and I wore makeup and everything and of coarse natural makeup. I don't do heavy. I should've took a picture. Speaking of picture I need to change my profile. I'll be attending college next year very soon. I also still have to apply and need my transcripts. I'm excited. My brother will also be going to the same college playing football. So, at least my brother's their. And the next thing you know I'll be graduating from college. This is some huge stuff right here. I go to the campus tour on Sept.25 at 1pm. So, excited and we have to wear mask and blah,blah,blah.

I'll finally be able to get out of my hometown. No worries I'll come and visit but only family wise.

Mood : SO EXCITED!!!

- A