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2020-09-13 20:11:26 (UTC)

not so epic

woke up at 10:30 am. ate 3 tongue tacos. did my makeup. now im here. i thought today would be an epic day but i guess not.

last night i went to sleep like at around 1:30 am. i sleep with my cousin since she came over for a week and will be here for another week too. so last night was pretty weird ngl. my cousin was still up and i was basically sleeping since i was tired. so like about an hour after i fell asleep i hear screaming and someone hitting me in the back (no not that kind hitting in the back) and pulling my hair. then i wake up for a couple of seconds and hear that my cousin is screaming and yelling. since i was facing the opposite way i couldn't see what she was doing so i turned my head quite fast and looked at what she was doing and she started screaming even more louder. i figured she was scared when i turned my head a bit too fast so i ended up turning my head the opposite way after like 3 seconds of looking at her. i thought of comforting her since she was crying and saying mom (she confused me with her mom) but i'm not really that type of person to be able to do something like that. but now that i think about it, a hug and a "it's okay i'm here" would've sufficed and helped her calm down. but being the person i am, i just couldn't do it.

the next morning (today) she told me what had actually happened since i had no fucking idea what was going on last night. she told me that she was on her phone listening to songs that some guy dedicated to her so that's what made her cry. then she told me that she felt something rub her toes (wasn't me) so she got scared and started hitting me and pulling my hair to get my attention. i think i scared her even more when i turned my head tho. well whatevs idk why she was still up on her phone anyways.

now that i think about it my cousin is really weird when she sleeps. well she's weird in general. she laughs at almost anything, like literally, ANYTHING. it's been like a week since i've started sleeping with her and lemme just say. i haven't been sleeping that well. first of all she's up on her phone till like 3 am or she's just awake and staring at me or the ceiling. she has the habit of asking me a random question out of the blue when i'm sleeping and i often think that she's sleep talking but she's not. she's just awake. then she also pulls all the fucking sheets so she can have them all to herself. i have to save up some covers for myself before she falls asleep and takes them all. a couple nights ago she was actually sleeping very soundly like a baby which surprised me cause she always goes to sleep later then me. so as i was falling asleep she literally cuddles up onto my chest and just stays there for a couple of minutes. now i had no idea what to do and i couldn't just push her away or she'll wake up so i just went along with it. that was a weird night. she also has the habit of like playing with her saliva and drinking it or just making random noises with her mouth. she sounds like my dog licking his paws in the middle of the night and i often confuse her with my dog.

anyways enough about my cousin. i don't know what we're gonna do today i just hope we actually do something rather than just stay home. alright that's all i have for today. hope y'all have fun today. bababooey out.