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2020-09-13 11:34:39 (UTC)


And he and her had the nerve to continue things as normal. I fucking hate him and I hate her and I never want to see him again. He just needs that love and shes such a dumb fucking BITCH. he's blocked, fucking forever. I don't deserve this. Fuck him and that case don't fucking talki to me or I will get a restraining on you for real I don't give a fuck. We're even, bye. I'm a fucking dumb ass per usual right. But not anymore. I don't wanna be a dumb ass anymore, it's just its hard to just travel this world without intimacy i guess. That's what I'm missing,k affection, hugs kisses, real love. But I know all that comes from within me. Why am I doubting myself? It;s cuz I'm spiraling lol. I need a break from weeed. I can't really even think that great anymore and I don't even care.
Gratefulness.. ughhh its so easy to switch my thoughts but the pain feels good. buttt I'm not alone
I have my sister and my mom and Brianna and my roommates and myself and my aunt and my family and dee and the friends that I have that love and care about me and I am very grateful for them. Always. Gratefulf for the people I have in my life and I love You T. You are amazing you know that. And you will be amazing always, and forever. You have love around you and people who want to love on you and you should recognize that always and forever. What's next?? I don't wanna be lost. I don't wanna seem ,lost.; Come back to me forever love -- god. me. Either way, I have homework I have to finish. Hurrary. I love you T. I like that nickname for myself. T.

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