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2020-09-12 20:55:13 (UTC)

My perfect timing with this chaos? 🤔

I'm just thinking in a way, I accidentally picked my surgery at the best time possible. Surgery sucks and recovery sucks even more. Not allowed to drive yet. Yesterday was my one month anniversary for my surgery. Didn't do much exercising since. Not even walking. Just a lot of being stuck at home except for going to the supermarket. Sisters have been here at separate times so it wasn't like super lonely all by myself with too much to think about on my own. Don't need to be on that virtual hamster wheel going round-and-round in my head ending up thinking too much but going nowhere.

So today, I know this sounds a little selfish, but I'm glad that if the world has to fall apart, it's while I'm stuck at home. The world can wait for me to get better and we both will be able to go out and play. The multi fires in CA caused some of the gyms to cut their schedules drastically. As some of you may know, only outside gym sessions are allowed in CA. The fallout from the fires makes this place look like hell. With the smog up during the day, the world outside looks red. I guess from the smog and sun during the day. I see it when I go to grab the mail outside.

So yeah, ok. The world can be put on hold for a bit while I recover. Today, I'm actually feeling a lot better. The pain so far is 90% gone. my strength is still weak but I'm sure it's not like earlier at 30ish% My friends wants to charter a boat to take us on a combo fising/crabbing trip leaving from the Berkely pier. It's for November 22nd 2020. At first, I felt sad but I didn't realize I'll be back in action by then. So if it happens, heck yes I'm in.

Heidi's birthday is on the same day as my little girl (guess little woman now) 9/11 so she had a wine tasting get together today at two wineries to celebrate. I oh so wanted to go. I didn't know they do that now but I recall they do have outside seating so outdoor dining is allowed. I know the wineries too. Both good places. I was tempted to ask someone to pick my butt up so I can go but I don't know how weak I am yet. I haven't been walking around the block because of the smog from the fires and the record heat. Also, I'm a whimpy man at the moment but I'm using the weather as an excuse :) Oh wait! I can blame Covid too. lol

So I hope the timing is right. While I recover for at least another 2 more months, I hope the rest of the world does it's own recovering too. Then we can meet at the same time. haha. Life if good. I had my 2nd Sister watch all three seasons of "Stranger Things" with me. My third time watching it but I love it so I don't mind. She liked it and was so into it too. Can't wait for season 4.

Anyway, I thought I'd put some random stuff up here today just to post. I'll focus more on self improvements so I come out of this thing a better man when I am able to go back outside. Can't drive till at least Sept 26th. First post mtg with my surgeon. I'm sure I'll need to do x rays to see how the melding of bones, screws, and rods are going and I didn't turn one of the rods into a pretzel shape while sleeping on the lazyboy. But I'm feeling much better today. The best I've felt since surgery. Hoping its a trend :) Weaned off the Norco drastically. In fact, I don't think I took any today. Not sure if I want to risk not taking any overnight. I'd like to wake up pain free if possible. But yeah, things are starting to look up.

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