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2020-09-12 01:57:51 (UTC)

Nice day, chatted with a couple people and very inspired 😊

It's late but I've been dozing off and on so there is no set schedule for me. Just at home healing. Got a nice msg from someone here tonight. Actually last night. I know I post things right outta my head and it can be mean but honestly, 99.99% of my messages here has been so nice. Great bunch of people all over the world. I laugh at some because early on in my diary, they'd say that they thought they had problems but after reading my diary, they felt better knowing others got it worse. haha. Funny, truthful, and maybe a little sad but the message wasn't meant to be mean for sure.

Today, Loony-roomie's 1/2 Sister chatted with me. Now she is completely the opposite of looney-roomie. She was nice, thoughtful, a teacher, happily married and was trying to have kids.Her name is Nancy. A little sad story about her though. She was in Paradise (Not the imaginary island but Paradise CA). This city succumbed to a fire a couple of years ago.

Now, in CA we currently have something like 5 different fires going on in the State. So we aren't looking good as a State right now. Anyway, I'm drifting. Anyway, she said she had no good news to tell me and everything seems to be going all wrong. She still can't get pregnant and she's near 40 yrs old and she says that's when she'll have to admit it's over and stop.

Also, she has teacher friends in school that had to abandon their homes due to the fire. She says once again that she too may have to leave their homes and live with a friend in Chico or something like that.

She had been seeing a shrink because she had a nervous breakdown. Her loony-roomie 1/2 Sister, getting pregnant, and Im sure a few other private things set her off and she went off the deep end.

So to try to make her feel better, I told her that "Hey, you're replying to my chats which means your mind is still functioning. You're alive which some people aren't and got trapped and died in the fire. You are happily married. You still have your job at school." Then of course, my little dark side of me had to say "And you're pretty. Life can't be all that bad. I recently had surgery and I'm just hoping my cut on the back of my neck heals nicely so I can't look just enough to be average, However, your'e a cutie. How can life be that bad? lol, jk, Trying to get you to smile". That's about what I told her word for word. She thanked me for making her feel better and she had enough care and thought to tell me she hopes my surgery went well and that I heal nicely.

So that was it as far as chatting with people. I got to take a good look at my life today. In my head of course. We have Covid. I still can't work out which I don't like at all. I'm worried that being gone from work for three months will make me obsolete and I'll have a lot of catching up to do with the new IT technology. I'm not sure if I can even make it around the block yet. Neck hurts. I can't hang with my friends because I'm recovering. Being alone at home sucks. (Actually, sister is here). But then it dawned on me. I guess I got reminded of the past by a msg someone sent me today. I've been through worse in life. Yup, I have.

So for all this to be happening to me right now? Pffft!! This is nothing. I got this. My heart has gone through way worse than this. My mind has gone to virtual hell and back a few times. In fact, I was thinking of getting a fast-pass since I frequented it so often years ago. So yeah, 2020? I got this. I will be back at the gym soon because I'm a badass. I'll get my fix of endorphins . I'll be back at work once I get rolling around and be kicking butt with my projects once again. Covid will eventually go away and I'll be back in action with my friends going camping, wineries, hikes, trips, kayaking you name it, we do it. Church will be open again and I can physically attend it again. Lord knows I need it. I'm also down to 161 lbs. Although it's probably not the healthiest way to go down in weight, I'd rather take losing weight the wrong way than gaining weight the right way. lol. That don't make sense huh? It's because I just now edited my post a few hrs later and the drugs are taking effect in my head. lol Vacas to other Countries with my Sis will open up again. And who knows? Maybe, just maybe, someone will be crazy enough to find me special and want to share their life with me. If so, I hope they already have a kayak. lol

So... smile peeps. This too shall pass. Ok, time for my meds then watch some brain mushing thing on Netflix and pass out on the lazyboy. Life is tough. haha. Later peeps. :)