middle age Womt
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2020-09-12 05:24:54 (UTC)

Heavy Rain

I woke up in a daze
Deprive of sleep
I pull my body out of bed and I feel my muscle stiff like a frozen bread.
The sky is gloomy like my mood
I struggled
As I bring myself to step out of the house the rain gets extremely heavy
No way I can reach my destination in time .
I was lucky to get a private hire car in time with a surcharge rate.
travelling is a challenge to me because I don't drive
I cant get my license
Panic attack has affected so much aspect of my life.
I look out the the car window
the notification on my phone seems to be never ending
business is good
but it seems that my mind is too tired
perhaps I just close my eyes
its my private time
my soul says I need a rest