Do Not Disturb

2020-09-11 15:57:13 (UTC)


He ghosted me. Out of all the people he ghosted me. I guess the late night phone calls and staying up till morning and texting didn't mean anything to him apparently. Apparently its a joke to him because when I confronted him about the situation at work he ignored it and ignored me but I had the screenshots to prove it and boy did he looks stupid. He talking about I was blowing up his phone. Maybe I wouldn't if,you hadn't picked up then hung up on me the first time. I texted him again after work. He read my texts again. I asked Kel about the situation and he said something about his ex and how she got out of jail or some shit like that. But what that has to do sith me. I guess he was talking to her the entire time because he did mention it before saying how she was crazy and blah,blah,blah. It still hurts that I don't wanna see his face anymore enough for me to quit the job that I work at. I applied for this other job at Renfro's.

Fingers cross if, I get the job. But first, I have to keep calling.

We went to view the body of Romey Rome today at the church home. He looked so peaceful but we couldn't get close to him like our Grandpa did because he still had corona inside his body they said. I know right just crazy. I hate looking at the bodies knowing ots not theirs anymore their just in a place like everyone keeps saying. I got a little tipsy tonight. But it felt good and at least I was around my family. I'll get really drunk when it's my birthday next month.

Oh yeah so,my clumsy self decided to fall downwards on some stairs today while having a basket full of clothes in my hand but it was when I was on third to last steps is when I tripped on my face and busted my lips, scrapped my leg and the skin literally peeled off of my big toe and you can see nothing but skin. My nose was bleeding but it stopped. But I'm alright now though its still kind of hard to walk with a peeling skin on your toe and its halfway and I know its gross. Sorry. But that's what happened.

Theirs this cute older guy name Andrea S. and no its not a girl name although it sounds like on but he's a guy. He was high the whole night He looked at me when I picked up my mama crown that is only better with cranberry juice mixed not crown itself. I felt something on the whole ride home. Now I'm in bed writing this entry even though I gotta be up early in the morning for the funeral. I'm getting sleepy though. I put on Spongebob which is what all I do every night to help me fall asleep easier. So,goodnight. Sweetdreams.

- A

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