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2020-09-12 00:35:19 (UTC)

oh yeah yeah

so anyways, I have an F in english currently. doing all the work but butt face teacher ain't grading nun so now I have to attend tutoring since it's rEqUirEd. If anything teachers should grade the work instead of assigning so much work.

don't have my phone right now this will do for now even though i'm not really talking with anyone. using the school computer just hope they don't block this site anytime soon within the next uhh month maybe.

wanted to cry in the car today. i don't know why but i did. this is probably the only place where i don't really have to worry about grammar. been reading a few public diaries. it's been fun even though it's barely my first day on here.

everything sucks booty right now. no hope for humanity so all i can do is just vibe whatever way i can. although having my phone would be better.

btw got grounded for a month for using my phone in the shower. i know im pretty addicted to my phone but what can i do. well i can do a bunch of things but being on my phone is what i prefer. it's relieving to be off social apps for a while but then i get lonely and just develop a boring routine and can only get out of it on the weekends. well that's probably pretty much everyone's life isn't it.

i'm still young but there isn't much to do during these tough times. i'm still wondering why people hoarded a bunch of toilet paper. did they not wipe their ass before any of this started??? did they have a serious case of diarrhea??? did they plan to shit themselves 5 times a day?? who knows. some people are just very unreasonable.

anyways i'll talk a bit more tomorrow. this'll probably be a place to pour out all of my thoughts instead of having to spam my private story on snapchat. sort of a replacement. bababooey out.