Do Not Disturb

2020-09-08 22:44:37 (UTC)

I saw him

I saw him. My ex that I been in a relationship with for two months then broke up with me after New Year's at Wal Mart while I had to get a quick something for my cousin birthday because today she turns 16 years old. And his car would be the same way where we parked at and he looked at me. At first I forgot his name then I remembered his name. Vonte. Even the name sound disgusting. Ugh!!!!

I'm over him though. I just thought I'd never see him again after that night but apparently I was wrong. He still look the same.. I was gonna go to work today but didn't feel like it l. I'm to depressed. I know I have a great life and all but their are my depressing moments and sad moments in life and today was that day.

- A

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