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2020-09-10 08:15:57 (UTC)

No drama but this one is a little nasty 😈 18+

Sorry I've been healing still so posting hasn't been my numero uno list of things to do. Still weak but getting stronger. I've been sleeping on my lazyboy because it's the closest thing I got to the fancy hospital bed that tilts. My lazyboy is broken so the lever don't work. I sleep with it just tilted back as I lean on it which does the job I guess.

I tried sleeping in bed the first week and boy that was stupid. The pain was one of the worse ever. Almost had my Sister call 911 because it felt like that glass shard in the neck feeling you know? haha. No one knows unless they had similar neck surgery. Anyway, a couple of days ago,I tried to sleep in bed again and although I woke up not as bad, it still hurts because I sort of have broader shoulders than the normal so finding that sweet spot on my neck with the pillows wasn't easy. I woke up still in pain Manageable but I'm not going to sleep in bed for another week.

Anyway, now for the nasty part. Obviously, the lazboy in the family room is not private and my Sister came over to take care of me and 2nd Sister after that and she is still here. So yeah, no privacy. But for this one night while I slept in my bedroom. I had a chance to .....explore.
I mean I'm a guy with needs. I was in pain and meds got me all loopy but it doesn't stop the inevitable exploration.

So in the privacy of my bedroom... I did the deed. Self gratification. It'd kill me if I had a partner right now unless maybe cowboy or reverse cowboy position was done due to me being all banged up.
But holy effe!!! I haven't self satisfied in almost a month so yeah..the orgasm was tremendous. Usually, you sort of shoot/spasm for 3-4 shots. But I swear, this one was one of the longest orgasms I had in a long time. I shot 12 times and couldn't believe how it just kept gong on and on seemingly like a never ending stream of cum. So whatever the surgery did to fix my numb finger issues seemed to have fixed other things as well. haha. JK. I know this was due to being deprived of my carnal needs. But man oh man shooting a dozen times sure was nice.

Sorry, no pics for this one 😈 Unless....

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