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2020-09-08 11:55:30 (UTC)

Moving on and starting a good day 😎

Haha. So all the stuff I did yesterday took effect. I blocked and deleted my negative contacts as much as I could but you know how that goes, people will sneak in somehow to get to contact you no matter what. First impact of my clean up last night was my ex. My ex wife. She sent me a text. The text is irrelevant as I found out I blocked her from my FB. I'm on a public status as I don't put way too personal info on there. Mostly fun and silly things. Well, I blocked my ex wife yesterday just as a precaution and guess what? She sent me a text. I'm gonna guess that she stalked my FB posts. haha. Well, like I said, delete the negative people in your life and this is already starting to work out better for me.

Today, my buddy is doing a Costco run for me. I'm so grateful for cool friends like that. I didn't even ask. They asked me. Then my friend Jenny said she is scheduled to bring me food today. Like I mentioned before, my friend Heidi set something up for me to take care of me and this is one of many meals I got from my friends.

That's when my Sister chimed in this morning. She says she's shocked on how many friends call, come, deliver, and pretty much check up on me. She says the only one that does the is her hairstylist. She says her friends know she lives alone and it's nice that her hairstylist checks up on her and it feels good just to be checked on.

However, Sister says she can't believe how many friends have been here already taking care of me and checking up on me. She tells me how lucky I am and I too am humbled and amazed how many great friends I have helping me with my recovery. I still think I can be an a-hole so I don't know how I get all this help. Then I recall some things. I do things for friends without giving it a thought. I don't count my favors and just do them because friends need to be helped at times and that's what I do. So it's weird and I have to smile that I get all this help and that I did sort of earn my friendship with all my friends and it does feel good to have them backing me up when needed.

So after my friend drops off my mutant chicken ( I call them that because the rotisserie chicken are bigger than the containers they are put in), spring salad, and mixed bell peppers, I'm going to the bank with my Sister to transfer my SDI funds from BOA into my regular checking account. Cha-ching!!! lol.

BOA (Bank of America) sucks by they way. Never ever bank with them if possible. Unfortunatately, I have no choice when going on SDI (State Disability Insurance). And I don't feel bad using SDI. I paid monthly into this for many years and only started using it these past two surgeries.

Then tonight, my friend Jenny is bringing me dinner. She asked what I wanted. I said pizza!! So pizza it is. Not sure if she is joining me or not but no matter. I know she'll get a giant pizza so it'll be enough for 6 people.

So yeah, today will be a good day. Later, when I have time to think, I will again review my self improvement life stuff and rehash and refresh what I used to do but forgot to keep up with to get back that cool guy.

The pain from surgery has subsided a lot. I cut my meds intake in half. I sort of test myself a little bit on my neck mobility. Don't need to be going back to the hospital for doing anything stupid but I appear to be able to turn my neck left, right, up, and down with no loss of mobility. I think at least I can from the little test I did. Don't want to over do it. Hey, pretty sure I can still see my penis if naked right now so that's the main thing and I'm no porno star so it's not like I'm cheating and don't have to look down far to see it. haha.

So yeah, life is good. I'll try to write something more substantial later tonight when I have my thoughts put together and before I take my norco. I'm looking forward to working out again. Can't wait to get those awesome happy chemicals flowing through my body. Hopefully, I'll be more physical and when I don't look like I'm waddling like a duck when I walk, I'll try to put in some effort walking around the neighborhood. For now, I won't rush it. It's still been less than a month since surgery so I'll be patient.