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me and my life
2020-09-10 17:16:06 (UTC)

I called him

Yaaaaa😒 after lot of hesitation I called him coz I was missing him terribly. Am at my sis place and she keeps on mentioning him in everything like food, house, favorite etc that made me miss him more listening to stand by your man made it worst. Soni called him asked nothing just how are you. He sounded normal but he was desperate to know about me and my life I told him everything is as it is nothing is new. He asked me abt job j told him no progress. He wanted to keep the convo but i cudnt his voice skipped my heart beat. I just wanted to hear him. I wanted to ask him did he miss me Or not but i guess he Mentioning that would have made me happy but he didn't. M sure he doesn't as he is occupied with his family.
I was just remembering our good times of roughly 4 yrs isn't that too much time? I was reminiscing our personal moments how laying on his chest made me feel good, hugs, spooning hugs, kisses, caressing each other felt so nice, warmth and own, protected, and the feeling which I can not express.
I did regret immediately after I hung up but then it's life I can do that much of gustakhi... It's fair when lived such an obedient life.
Monku I miss u. Don't you???