god i love getting my feelings hurt
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2020-09-09 10:19:10 (UTC)


he took me by surprise. I mean we've been friends since middle school and i never thought our relationship would take this turn. I think i should start from the beginning. Me and chris met in 6th grade. We were werent friends exactly but we were friendly. He had a crush on me in 7th and 8th but outgrew it by high school. i think high school is when our friendship blossomed. We became each others confidant. although i did move abruptly freshmen year of high school we never stopped talking to each other. We constantly came to each other about everything. our relationships with other people, the drama with our school friends, the crushes we had on people. we would turn to each other for advice, and we helped each other grow. he did move across the state for a while but came back and again our friendship wasnt affected by that. I mean we havent seen each other since 2017. but anyways these last 6 months have been significant and have changed our relationship's dynamic. it was the first time we were both single. I had the messiest break up ever and he was trying to get over yet another toxic girl. we were both hurt and sought refuge with each other. we talked about our feelings and gradually got over our people together. i think we were both bored around june and july and started getting flirty with each other, it was weird at first but different and new. it was fun, and lighthearted. as high schoolish as it sounds we made a bet at one point. we became a fake couple to see who would fall for the other first. it was nothing serious you know, eventually i started to become distant and made him drop the bet because i came to the realization that i was beginning to catch feelings for him. we avoided each other for a week after, but i missed talking to him. i missed talking to my best friend. i knew he missed me too, like im kind of intoxicating. we had a talk after i revealed that i missed him. and now its september and we're dating. its nice. its easy and uncomplicated. i think being friends for a long time has its perks because we know exactly what we want from each other. there are no miscommunications and he makes me feel warm inside. i feel confident in myself and not in a slutty way. i just feel like im finally good enough for someone. he's inspired me to grow as a person and want the best for myself. we encourage each other to be the best versions of ourselves and its amazing. i really like him and this new chapter in our relationship.