god i love getting my feelings hurt
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2020-09-09 10:07:59 (UTC)

6 months later

hey its been a while since ive wrote on here, since may. A lot has happened, most of them good. I finally got over my ex boyfriend. I came to the conclusion that i was gaslit and even tho i did have some fault in the breakup it just wasn't a good fit on either side. He had a delusion of the perfect girlfriend and i didn't fit that criteria. and lets be honest i wasn't in the best mental shape 7 months ago. I don't hate him anymore but want nothing more than to delete the year i wasted with him. Alex and hector aren't in my life anymore either. I think i grew up and dont need them anymore. I learned a lot about myself in the last 6 months. I have an obsessive personality and boys were just my fixation. but im better and now that high school is over i got a job at jamba juice and im going to college. I think things are good i dont remember my head being as clear as it is now. I do have my bad days still but theyre easier to deal with now