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2020-09-09 00:25:04 (UTC)

My Parents are....Changing?

Dear Diary,
I'm really concerned about my parents. They just seem so....different. My dad used to smile so much and just joke around. Nowadays, he just seems so sad and lifeless. My mom is pretty different too. She was always...I don't know like, calm and collected. Now she smiles so much and laughs a lot more. I mean, I'm pretty sure that's a good thing but, they're not themselves. They seem more distant, I think somewhat sadder too. My mom also has these mood swings I guess. I don't know anymore. In the morning she could be completely normal and then just gets angry at us. Then all of a sudden she's happy again. My dad is acting pretty weird. He's been more colder to us. He never listens to anything we try to ask him. They've been arguing over stupid things. It's normal. But this fight was different. They were arguing about Facebook friends or something. Now, I wouldn't have minded, but considering their moods and what happened not that long ago, I'm pretty worried. I'm not gonna talk about what happened a while ago. At first, I thought maybe they're jealous or something. But I'm just worried that one of them will hurt another or divorce. I don't know. I'll feel like it's my fault or something. Or maybe they're depressed or worse. I feel like I'm on the verge of crying. I hope I'm just overthinking this.