deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-09-08 09:23:04 (UTC)


Today just some heartfelt and sensual observations about My swc. She is such a driven professional and I marvel at her dedication to her craft. W/we often talk about the work day and the stresses we each face and its really a therapeutic session for the both of us. Sometimes we wander into politics, other times its her sharing damn fine recipes and cooking tips. All things that a happy married couple communicates.

All of this happens with the constant undercurrent of sensuality that W/we both talk about here on a regular basis. she knows that I Am her Master in all things. she knows that she is connected to Me in ways that happen beyond the screen and beyond the moments W/we are together. I am there when she fucks, I am there when she sucks, I am there in the shower when she uses her fingers (or other items) to simulate Master's presence. There is not a moment goes by that she wouldnt drop what she is doing and attend to Me. As her responsible Master I will never let her jeopardize her career or her rl, but the commitment is there that she WOULD if commanded. I adore her for intellect and her obedience. Most of all, I treasure that she is Mine these many years and will be until one of U/us takes a last breath.