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2020-09-07 22:55:38 (UTC)

Forgetting to look forward 🤗

Again, I forget about things I already learned and knew. Life has it's ups and downs. how will you act during the downs because there will be downs in life. Inevitable. So I recall that I need to look forward and not backwards. Don't turn around and look at the past where you can't change of fix. No matter if it was a job decision, family affair, or that special someone.

I said this before and I admit I forgot or maybe just kept it because I too was a little weak. I deleted the negative people or people that no longer take effect in your life. Ex wife? Can't forget her Ph# but at least block her number and delete it. Same with Faye. Had her number in my contacts and for what? I also checked some my FB friends. Don't need some of them. So I clean up shop. It sucks a little because it's like cleaning up your garage. Got a folder of Tara deep in my folder file with pics. Deleted. Faye's number ? Deleted. Even Faye's friend that sort of got us together, we have no other relation as a friend so that is deleted. I did some major cleanup. At one point, I thought it means your weak. In this case I'm weak but no. I changed my mind. What's the purpose? Where is the positiveness or positive flow of life have to do with having them in the background or even me looking back.

I know this already. I don't know why I forget or pretend to forget but this has been cleaned up tonight. All pics, numbers that can be removed are gone. Deleted pics. Blocked contacts. Did all I can and now there is only one way to go and this is the best way to go which is forward in life.

Life has so many things to still unfold and offer. Why am I wasting life not going out there and looking forward. I have no idea what's to unfold and that's what makes life interesting. You just neve know what you'll find.

So there you go. My self relearned lesson to myself. Move forward. Don't waste you time looking at the past where it can't changed. So here I go. I will move forward. I will see what exciting new things I can unfold.

I'm feeling a little better today. Just a little less pain and I can actually get more sleep now and it lasts longer. I can't wait to heal and move on with my life. I feel good cleaning up my life a little today and life is going to be better. I can't wait till I can finally workout again. I'm taking pics (Actually, Sister is) of my back scar and it's healing very well. Life is good. I can wake up and smile again. I'm sitting down that stupid evil voice in my telling me all these negative things. I got this :)

Oh yeah, I still managed to keep my weight at 164 lbs today. I'm sure it may be due to dehydration but I'll take it. 164 is 164. This from not working out for almost a month now. Surgery was on 8/11. Now it's 9/7.

I'm feeling so good to be getting out of this physical and mental slump. Life is good. Smile folks :)

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