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2020-09-07 19:27:27 (UTC)

Something in the rain

My my myyyyy what a wonderful series it was I fell in love with that movie, characters, song, every bit of that drama. It made me miss V and our beautiful time badly. The guy character juihui reminded me some of v how he would tc of jina that's was me. How v would drop me to station, home, tc of my food preference, how worried he use to be, how we fell in love, how we hid it from colleagues, how we opened up with parents how we both were real. It made me cry badly, miss him badly. Yes I'm over him. But whatever was with him will remain in my heart for ever. Because it was beautiful very beautiful and now I feel and realise how very beautiful it was. I wish we would have ended up together Instead of ending relationship.
I wish he had little courage. Yes, yes some people are not made up to live together but m glad I had a very lovely love life, I was loved Beautifully, I was cared, pampered and made feel special.
After watching "something in the rain" Everything flashed back and I was longing v so badly. I wanted it all back. Was also about to msg him but I stopped myself. Am surprised that he never messaged me or bothered to message me and ask about me. And the question remains unanswered why why whyyy he did that?
I know it would be difficult for me to find a guy like him but I have left up on God. He will choose for me.
The guys I chose are good for nothing.
God bless me. GnsdZzzz

Sometimes it's hard to be a women
Giving all your love to just one man......

This song touched my ❤
V is miss you alot.

Something in the rain"