Carrie notes
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2020-09-07 04:39:34 (UTC)

Men Of My Past

For months I’d been crying myself to sleep every night. Why? I tried so hard to find someone who would love me for me. Instead I was used by the men I dated. I even went to jail for a few of them who had done wrong.
Then one day I realized I don't need some bad ass man to make me happy. I'm a woman who can definitely depend on herself to get things done. For so long I made it easy for all the men in my life to take advantage of me. In reality I didn't have to, I could have told them no all along. I just didn't know how or want to.
Lately I'm fed up with men! I get so tired of only attracting the men who want to use me to there advantage. If they don't get what they want, I am the bitch or whatever nasty things they want to call me.
No, not all men are bad! Just like with us women there is good and bad.
I admit I get lonely, but I'm not sneaking some man into the building where I live and jeprodize the apartment I worked so long and hard to get. I'm even done with providing sexual favors just to have some man in my life. I almost got baptized into a church for some man.
I finally figured out I can believe in God without a man, I don't have to provide sexual favors, and losing my apartment is not worth any man. I have enough respect in myself and independence that I can survive without a man.
I have had issues with 2 men recently.
1. Don Paradis as you know has been making me feel I have to have a relationship with him. But Sunday I took him off the property and told him he had to leave me alone.
2. Some guy who calls himself moose was coming around to see a nieghbor of mine here at Franklin Plaza. Come to find out he had what will call a crush on me. Made sexual in your windows at me, got me to believe he was a good guy, and just plain con me almost into thinking he was the one for me. Then I found out he had some habits I didn't agree with. He even went so far as to tell me I should sneak him into the building where I live when visitors are not allowed into the building due to coronavirus.