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2020-09-06 14:53:21 (UTC)

Victorious: Locked Up II (3,583 wds)

Lockup II
D’Arc Tangent

“You started it!” Jade yelled at Tori as the police pushed her into the back of the patrol car.
“You hit me!” Tori replied as she was pushed into the patrol car from the other side.
“Will the two of you shut up, or swear to god, I will taser you!” the female cop in the passenger seat turned back to the two women in the backseat.
Jade and Tori each moved to the opposite side of the car from each other, pressed against the door, trying to stay as far away from each other as possible for the ride to the police station.
The two women were booked, at opposite ends of the room, before being shuffled into a holding cell, together.
As the officer closed the door behind them, he said, “You two will either learn to behave around one another, or, hopefully, kill each other and spare us a trial.” and the click of the lock echoes through their cell.
Jade and Tori stood at the door of their jail cell, looked at each other, then the bed, then at each other again, and both ran toward it. Tori, having longer legs, made it to the bed, but Jade was much stronger and pulled her off the bed to the floor, and took her place on the mattress.
“I was there first.” Tori objected.
“So.” was Jade’s only reply as she put her hands behind her head and laid back on the bed.
“So?” Tori said, “So? So, I was there first. Why do you get the bed when I had it first?”
“I had Beck first.” Jade said, staring Tori down with her gaze.
“So?” Tori said.
“So? Beck is MY boyfriend, and YOU kissed him.”
“It was a play!” Tori yelled at her.
“That YOU wrote, and YOU cast, and YOU chose Beck to be the lead to YOUR character. Don’t try to tell me that you did not do all that just so you could kiss MY boyfriend.”
“I’m with Andre. Why would I want your boyfriend?”
“You have wanted Beck since the first day you came here,” Jade yelled back.
“That’s not true.” Tori yelled back, “Well, not entirely. Yes, he is hot, and when I saw him, I wanted him, but when I found out he was YOUR boyfriend, I backed off.”
“And that kiss during Sikowitz class?”
“O.K. That was to get back at you for making me a dog in the skit, but after that, I never made a play for him, even when you two broke up for a while, I never tried anything.”

Officer Blaisdell, the female officer who offered to taser the two women, sat in front of the monitors as Deputy Hanson walked back after locking Jade and Tori in their cell.
“Are they dead yet?” Deputy Hanson asked.
“No, but my money’s on the little one.” Officer Blaisdell said, “She’s spunky.”
“But the big one, Vega, she looks like there is something percolating under there. I wouldn’t count her out.” Deputy Hanson said.
“Care to put your money where your mouth is?” Officer Blaisdell said, “Say twenty bucks on my girl?” and Officer Blaisdell held out her small, pale hand.
Deputy Hanson enveloped her petite hand in his large black mitt, and shook on it and pulled up a chair to watch the festivities.

“God, what is your problem Jade!” Tori shouted at her, “Why do you think every woman is a threat to you?”
“You are no threat to me.” Jade spat out, “I don’t know why you keep throwing yourself at Beck, he is not into you.”
“Seriously, I can’t keep having this same fight with you. I am with Andre. I love Andre. We are together. I am not interested in Beck in anything other than a friend and classmate. Why are you so fucking insecure about Beck?”
Jade turned away from her, staring at the wall as she said, “What do you care? You’re Tori Vega, superstar. You have no idea what it’s like to be normal.”
“No idea what it’s like to be normal?” Tori yelled, “I’ve been here three fucking years, and I still think every one of you outshine me in everything you do. As much as I love Andre, I will never be the musician he is, and Beck, I wish I had half his acting ability, and Cat can sing better than anyone I have ever met. Fuck even Sinjinn and Robbie, have more technical expertise than I ever will, or, thank god, will ever want. So, I can sing. YOU, can sing, every fucking person in this school sings, so who am I but some tall chick.” and the anger that had been in her for years at her own self-doubt seethed in her eyes.

“Check it out.” Deputy Hanson said, pointing to the screen, “I wish this had sound, but look at Vega. She’s gonna smack that little goth girl.”
“I don’t know,” Officer Blaisdell said, “She seems to be in control, but West, now she’s a firecracker.”
“Let’s see how this plays out. You want some popcorn?” Deputy Hanson said.
“Sure.” Officer Blaisdell replied, and Hanson left for the commissary

Jade rose from the bed and approached Tori.

“O.K., here it is,” Officer Blaisdell said, “Goth Girl is going to smack the giant.” and Deputy Hanson ran over with a bowl of popcorn and sat next to Officer Blaisdell.

Jade stood in front of Tori and looked up at her. Staring Tori down, her eyes black as coal, and her fists were clenched and tense, the Jade’s shoulders slumped and she turned away from Tori.
“I slept with Beck.” she said.
“Kinda figured that.” Tori said, “You’ve been together over three years.”
“On our first date.” Jade added.
“Oh.” Tori said, then the math caught up to her and she said, “OH! You mean when you were only fifteen?”
“We were both new to Hollywood Arts, and he was, well he was Beck.”
“Oh he is sooo Beck.” Tori said, but Jade shot her a dark look, and Tori backed down.
“Anyway, I liked him, and me being me,” Jade continued, “I asked him out, and he said yes. It was the most incredible thing. I could not believe this fucking god of a boy said yes to me, so we went out to a party, I lured him to an empty bedroom, and we did it.”
“Well, other than the obvious, can I ask you why?” Tori said.
“He’s Beck.” Jade said, “Every girl at Hollywood Arts wanted him, I wanted to make sure he was mine.”
“So you marked your territory?” Tori asked.
Jade just rolled her eyes, then said, “I wouldn’t put it that way, but I wanted Beck to know I was in it, all in it. It seemed to work; he is still with me.”

“Check out the body language.” Deputy Hanson said, “Looks like your firecracker just fizzled.”
“Vega’s not doing much better.” Officer Blaisdell said, “West was all up in her grill, and she did nothing.”
“Vega’s biding her time. Trust me, West is not walking out of here without crutches.”

Jade walked away from Tori when Tori said, almost too low to hear, “I cheated on Andre.” and Jade stopped in her tracks and turned around slowly.
“What?” Jade said, more to prove she heard right.
“Last month. Andre was passed over for a songwriting job. I talked to the producer, and got him the job.”
“So you slept with some guy just to get your boyfriend a job?” Jade said, “How pathetic is that. I mean, sleeping your way to the top is pretty standard in this business, but sleeping your boyfriend to the top?”
“Well.” Tori said, as she dragged her foot in circles on the floor, her head bowed, “I wouldn’t say I slept with some guy for Andre’s sake.”
“Sure sounds like it to me.” Jade said.
“It was a woman.” Tori said, eyes still fixed on the floor.
“You Dyke!” Jade laughed at her, “And here I thought you might actually be a threat, and you are pitching southpaw.”
“I am not a Lesbian.” Tori said, and moved closer to jade.

“See, Vega’s mad at something West said. She’s gonna clock the bitch.”
“Vega doesn’t have it in her. She’s all bluster. She won’t hit West.” Officer Blaisdell said.

“I don’t know. Straight girls don’t sleep with women.” Jade taunted her.
“So, you can fuck a man on the first date to keep him interested, but I can’t sleep with a woman to advance my boyfriend’s career?” Tori yelled at her.
“Whatever you have to tell yourself so you can sleep at night.” Jade goaded her.
“You don’t know anything.” Tori said, and tears were starting to form in her eyes. “I did it to help. And the worst part, I didn’t have to. She just made me think I had to, because she said she could. She used me. Used my need to help Andre so she could get her rocks off. I felt so fucking cheap. Used.”

“Is Vega crying?” Deputy Hanson said, “Why is she crying? She was mad a moment ago. Why the fuck is she crying?”
“It’s a ploy.” Officer Blaisdell said, “She thinks she can make West feel sorry for her, then strike. West isn’t going to fall for that shit.”

“Fuck.” Jade said, “You can’t even trust a woman in this business. Does everyone in this business think with their crotches?”
Tori sat on the bed, and Jade didn’t stop her.
“I, I just felt so used,” Tori sniffled, “So I went home, and called Andre, and I fucked his brains out. I wanted to connect to what was real. My first time with Andre was out of guilt.” Tori cried; her head buried in her hands.
Jade sat on the bed next to Tori, and stroked her hair. “How was it?” Jade asked.
“Oh god, I can’t believe you would ask that. I mean sure, she kissed really good, and she took me places, she made me feel, fuck, why am I telling you this shit. She forced herself on me, psychologically, made me think I had to make her cum so Andre would get the job, when she already decided he had the job.”
“Bitch.” Jade said.
“But afterward, we took a shower, and I made her get me off. I can see the power that can have. I made her eat my pussy, and she did. She was my bitch for thirty minutes.” Tori said, and she smiled at the memory of having such a powerful woman at her disposal.
“Good.” Jade said, then she turned to Tori and said, “When she kissed you, was it something like this?” and she grabbed Tori’s face and kissed her hard. Tori’s hands went up in alarm, but Jade was strong, and would not let go, and her tongue found places in Tori’s mouth she never knew felt like that. Finally, Tori gave in, and wrapped her arms around Jade.

“What the fucking fuck is that all about!” Deputy Hanson said.
“I’m guessing they worked through their differences?” Officer Blaisdell said.
“I’m going in there and breaking that up.” Deputy Hanson said, but Officer Blaidell’s hand lighted on his arm, and he stopped.
“Let’s see how this plays out.” Officer Blaisdell said.

Tori and Jade kissed for what seemed like forever to the two officers, when finally Jade pulled away, and Tori could catch her breath. As she sat on the edge of the cot, breathing very heavy, Jade pulled her top off over her head, and sat there in her black denim pants and black lace bra.
“What are you doing Jade?” Tori asked even as Jade, without answering, without commenting on anything, pulled Tori’s top off over her head, leaving her in the little pink bralette and jeans.
Tori jumped from the cot, grabbing her short and holding in to her chest to try to cover herself.
Jade stood stalked over to Tori, her dark mascara eyes fixed on Tori.
“Jade. Why are you doing this? I, I’m with Andre. You know that. Why are you acting like this?”
“You’re with Andre, and I’m with Beck, but neither of them are here right now, are they?” And as Jade closed in on Tori, she took the shirt in Tori’s hands and pulled slightly on it. Tori resisted for a moment, but soon relinquished her hold on the top and let it fall to the floor. Tori then undid her bra and let that fall to the ground as well. Jade started to undo her bra, but Tori stopped her.
“Let me” she said, and Jade cocked her head, and smiled, as Tori closed in, wrapped her arms around Jade, and unclasped her bra, pulling it forward to release Jade’s very ample breasts, dropped the bra, and grasped Jade’s tits in her hands and pulled one, then other, to her mouth and sucked on each one alternately. Jade let out a soft moan as Tori’s mouth played over her erect nipples.

“Blaisdell.” Deputy Hanson said, “We have to put a stop to …" and as he looked over at his partner, he saw her hand was down the front of her pants, “Blaisdell, what the fuck are you doing? We are on duty.”
“We are the only two in here tonight.” Officer Blaisdell said, “So you can either report me …" and she took his hand and placed it over her crotch, “Or join me.” she said.

As Tori sucked Jade’s tits, Jade undid the buttons on Tori’s jeans and pushed them over her hips, letting them fall to the floor. Tori stepped back, and out of her jeans, and stood there in ankle high socks, and pink cotton panties. She looked Jade up and down, and said, “Well?”
Jade slipped her black denim pants off, and her black lacey thong, revealing a shaved and smooth pussy, and bare feet. She then turned her beautifully round and white ass to Tori, and climbed onto the cot, and spread her legs open. “Waiting for an invitation?” Jade said, then spread her pussy lips open, and said, “This is it.”

Deputy Hanson undid his belt and opened his uniform pants, sliding the zipper down and pulled out a massive erection. “We doing this Blaisdell?” he said as Officer Blaisdell was sliding her pants down to her knees. Deputy Hanson moved his chair back and Officer Blaisdell moved her ass over his huge cock.
“Damn woman, you got a fucking nice booty there.”
Officer Blaisdell bent forward and reaching between her legs, used two fingers to spread her pussy open. “What are you waiting for Deputy? Sheath your weapon.” and lowered herself onto the massive cock.

Tori slipped out of her panties, but left her socks on, and straddled Jade’s head. Lowering herself to Jade’s glistening pussy, her tongue darted into the slick hole, and feeling Tori’s tongue entering her, she spread Tori open with her hands and mimicked the action. Tori gasped at the sensation of Jade’s tongue inside her, and sucked the tight little nerve bundle into her lips and Jade thrusted upward at the sensation, and again mimicked Tori’s teaching.

Officer Blaisdell’s pussy was soppy wet, and Deputy Hanson’s cock slid in like it was meant to be in there. Blaisdell made a strange gurgling noise in her throat as Hanson lifted her hips, and pulled her back down on his shaft, over and over again. Officer Blaisdell assisted Deputy Hanson by lifting her body up and down as Deputy Hanson kept a firm grip on her hips.

Jade slid a finger into Tori’s cunt, finally taking some initiative, and Tori’s gasps showed her that she had done something right. This time it was Tori’s turn to mimic the action, and she thrusted two fingers into Jade’s pussy, wiggling them a little to stimulate her zones and Jade closed her legs to keep Tori’s hands inside her, enjoying the feeling.

Officer Blaisdell bit her lower lip as Deputy Hanson entered her over and over again. She could feel him deep inside her, growing, expanding, and as she dropped her head forward her voice was hoarse as she choked out, “Fuck Hanson, no one has ever stretched me this much. I have never been so filled before.” and she started to lift her uniform shirt up, “Grab my tits. Touch me. Command my body.” and Deputy Hanson moved his hands from her hips, up her waist, until he could feel the coarse fabric of her bra, and pushed it up over her breasts, and cupped her tits in his huge hands. His thumbs playing over her nipples as he could feel then stiffening under his flesh.
“Fuck yeah.” Officer Blaisdell screamed, trying to keep her voice down as Deputy Hanson played with her breasts while thrusting his massive manhood into her tight pussy.

As Jade lay on her back, her tongue inside Tori, she felt the shudder of Tori’s body, and the deluge of liquid that flowed to her mouth. The sensation was so incredible that she came as well, and Tori lapped her up, reveling in the taste as she drank deep of Jade’s juices. Spent, the two women lay naked together on the cot, and as Jade stared up at the ceiling, she said, almost absent-mindedly, like she was just talking to the air, “You know, Beck isn’t always around.” and Tori, also staring into space, said, “Neither is Andre.”
Jade turned her head to Tori and said, “We don’t always have to hate each other.”
Tori turned to look at her and said, “I have never hated you, you know, right?”
“I know, it was just easier to hate you than to admit you might be a threat.”
“And now?” Tori asked.
“At school? Around Beck? I will still hate you, but if you ever want to do this again …" and her voice trailed off.
“Oh, we are definitely doing this again.” Tori said, and a little giggle arouse in her voice. The two of them lay naked on the cot, giggling like best friends sharing a secret, when Jade said, “We should probably get dressed. I am sure the officers on duty have had their share of us.”
“What do you mean?” Tori asked, suddenly concerned about Jade’s words.
Jade pointed to the camera on the ceiling, “You didn’t know we were being watched?”
“Fuck no!” Tori said, and started dashing around the room for her clothes, “Why didn’t you tell me there were people watching us?”
“I thought you knew, and frankly, I didn’t care.” Jade said as she clasped her bra, and reached for her panties.
“Don’t worry,” Jade said as she slipped on her pants, and reached for her top as Tori was pulling her top on, “It’s a closed circuit. Only the desk staff will be watching, if they were even paying attention.”
She walked over to Tori and took her face in her hands and kissed her, “Relax. So some late shift cops saw your girl parts.” and kissed her again, “At some point, in your acting career, you will be naked for more than just a desk clerk, get used to it.”
Tori dropped her hands to her side, and threw her head back, saying, “I hate it when you are right.” then she took Jade’s face in her hands and kissed her back, “But at least we have come to an understanding, and I guess that isn’t the worst thing that could happen.”

“Officer Blaisdell.” a voice came over the intercom, “We have two visitors for …" and there was the sound of paper shuffling, “Jade West, and Tori Vega. Can you bring them to the front?”
“Will do Sargent.” Officer Blaisdell said as she almost jumped off Deputy Hanson’s cock, “I will have them ready in a few minutes.” as she pulled her pants up, and buttoned them up while Deputy Hanson did up his pants as well. Officer Blaisdell walked to the holding cell’s, re-adjusting her bra, and tucking in her shirt. She opened the door and called in, “West! Vega! You’re free to go.”
Officer Blaisdell funneled the two women out to the main area and informed the desk that the two prisoners were being released.
“We watched them while they were inside, and decided they were not going to be a threat to anyone.” and Tori went white as Jade just smiled, then waved as Beck and Andre stood up.

“Hey guys!” Tori called out and ran to the two men, hugging Andre first, then Beck, she said, “I am so glad you are here.”
“Y’all wanna take yer hands offa my man.” Jade said, in the accent she used whenever she was trying to impersonate, or piss off, Tori.
"I don't talk like that." Tori said.

“Consider this your first and only warning.” Officer Blaisdell said, “You show up in my precinct again, your stay will be longer, and neither of you look good in orange.”
“Understood.” Jade said, then went over to hug Beck, and the four friends walked out of the police station.
“So.” Deputy Hanson said, walking up behind Officer Blaisdell, “You want to come over to my place after our shift?”
Blaisdell tilted her head back, looking up at Deputy Hanson, and said, “You bet your ass I do.”