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2020-09-05 00:20:18 (UTC)

Taking Care of Business Norco free 🧐

I had to take care of a couple of things which I was hoping to avoid or not have to deal with.
First was my medical. In a few weeks, we can select to change our medical insurance provider. You don't have to if you don't want to of course but there are consequences if you are careful. Sometime, the prices change a lot. Sometime they charge more or sometimes there are plans that charge less.

I go to UC Davis Hospital. They are frickin awesome! It's a HMO so you don't have to pay anything out of pocket except of course sometimes $2 for parking or $15 bucks for an office visit.Petty cheap and petty for me. My last surgery was major. If I didn't have medical coverage, it'd guess the bill would run about $70K. Guessing of course so I could be off by $20K. Great doctors and they listen to their patients..if you voice your opinion of course. Don't let anyone just step all over you.

Well, I got a letter from my current insurance that they will no longer participate with UC Davis hospital after at the end of the year so this mean I need to change my insurance provider during our normal open enrollment in the next couple of weeks.

So, you have to look at the plans that are available, make sure it's an HMO and not a PPO, make sure they accept UC Davis Hospital under their plan and check too to how much they charge monthly to see how much more or out of pocket we need to pay. Our job already covers around $700 monthly (again, guessing). Anything the the insurance company charges over that comes out of our paycheck. Well, when you are just out of surgery in pain, under drugs, you can really mess this up. So today, I stayed off of drugs, called all the companies that provide insurance, called friends that use U C Davis, called UC Davis myself and selected an insurance company that will fit my needs. Reviewed all the insurance companies that I was looking at and made sure they covered everything the my existing insurance company does too. What a painful intense day. I will have to pay about $77 more a month out of pocket but at least now all I have to do is sign up the paperwork when it comes to enrollment time. What a pain in the butt I tell you.

Part 2 was my SDI. I still got nothing and of course paperwork between EDD and the hospital was not correct. So again, I play the middleman and finally think it's resolved (fingers crossed). I will see if the money comes in. I have to juggle my bills for now. Usually, I get paid once a month so all bills are paid on the first week. Now, I need to check to see which ones are due now and which can wait a couple of weeks. That's the crap I have to deal with. Again, I think that too is done

Now I can deal with the normal crap. Healing, pain, depression from not working out, and listening to my other Sister bring up the ugly past we alll lived. For now, I just took some norco, CBD oil, some wine will be involved, and hopefully that'll be enough to get me to pass the hell out.

Just hoping tomorrow is just a normal day or regular pain from my surgery so I don't have to think so much. Good night for now, I keep hearing it'll get better. yeah yeah yeah. I know that already. I know what I gotta do and it's a long slow road back up there but like everyone else, I'm so tired of dealing with this.

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