Nick's Journal
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2020-09-04 16:59:34 (UTC)

Therapeutic Effects Only

So I have tried this before, apparently when you go through rehab, it is advised that you keep a "diary" or "journal" to help you "work out" whatever you happen to be going through.

I've had this journal for quite a long time. It has chronicled both my life at college in the US to my time after college then it trailed off. I tried to bring it back once before when I was going through recovery but for some reason I just never could work up the same motivation I used to muster in my younger years.

So here I sit at 38. In rehab for the third time. I'm an alcoholic...and I have lost everything. I have lost jobs. I have lost my wife. I even lost my dog. I am the classic "rock bottom" that people envision when they think of an addict.

Mostly I will use this journal as a way to give an insight to "normies" (as we alcoholics like to call normal people without addiction or mental health issues) how rehab is and what type of people you encounter.

Unfortunately I have had quite some experience in rehab. I have, in fact, been to three different centers on two different continents. They nicely stack up into three separate tiers. There was the bottom-feeding socialist hell-hole (crammed to the hilt with people, most of whom didn't want to be there and wanted everyone to know it). There was the mid-tier American place that was filled with mostly younger patients whose parents were desperate to have them healed. And then there is the place I"m at now, a "high-end" expensive tier that caters to those who are at the end of the line and have tried almost everything else (me) and the wealthy/privileged (I guess somewhat also me).

Either way, in the coming journal entries I'm just going to randomly select a center and a "type of person" in it. The descriptions will be a conglomeration of persons but will also sometimes focus on one person who was just too interesting to not include.

All the while I am mindful that I am an addict/alcoholic and that I am in no place to describe others, but it is therapeutic and I am doing it for said therapeutic effect and also to entertain the one one two people that happen upon this journal. Let's see if I can keep this up longer than a journal entry or two.