Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
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2001-10-11 01:27:11 (UTC)


As hard as it is to get up early at any time, I think it's
a particularly arduous task when it's cold. There's so
much more of a reason to stay nestled between the blankets
in the pocket of warm air that has been building all
night. Taking that first step out of bed seems so futile,
so wrong. In a past life, I must have been a hibernating
animal, for I would be perfectly content to sleep through
the winter months, waking intermittanly, at my own
discretion, yawning and stretching, to search for food and
to feel the sharp, crisp, chill of the air in a
somnabulatory state, before returning to curl up, and dream
of spring. However, the discordant, bone-jarring sound of
my alarm clock gives me no such choice, reminding me every
day of my obligations, dragging me away from euphoric
oblivion, and thrusting me into unforgiving reality.