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2020-09-03 17:41:45 (UTC)

A little unsane

I stare at the empty beer can take a sip and swallow slowly with the saliva getting stuck in my trought unable to swallow, at the simple thought of this being the only thing that will always be the same.When I talk to him about ideas all he listens to is me being a stuborn woman! I know I've made mistakes in the past that have brought dought for him and made it dificult for him to trust me, but then again we have been through worse situations, I feel some times I am trap their is a part of me that longs for me to do all that I was ment for whatever that is, I feel like is at the tip of my fingertips and he can't see it, we have never shared the same vision on our future and that in a way scares me alittle, I wish he could expirience life the way I do, feel it the way I do, know things the way I do, or if not at least share me his view, he lives such a simple life that sometimes I envy not being able to be happy with all that we have together, I want more, I want to see people and know them and accept them for who they are, I love meeting new people keeps me humble in a way. Helping as many as I can when they are struggling is what drives me, what makes me happy, but in this journey called married life their are ups and downs and right now we are facing a low, very low point, can't wait for us to be over this phase. I just hope fo the best and will try not to go to unsane shile being stuck at home and so so many things to do. Good night