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me and my life
2020-09-03 11:56:30 (UTC)

Dear V

Dear V,
Thanks for everything, for making my life happy for few time and then making it so miserable that I no more wish to see you iny whole life.
When I see us down from the mountains I see a perfect relationship, where couple fight, love, share, guide understand everything in a proper way. But when put on test it failed terribly from your side. I guess I gave enough chances and always took your side even when I knew you have nothing financial also. But now I'm glad that you left for your family. Now as you going to join back your problems will be solved and as I said one day your problems will be solved, you'll have money, your parents problems will be solved all will be good only one thing will be missing that's me. I'll not be there and I assume ull regret that I want you to. About me?? I have faced all loss no job, no marriage, emotional trauma, no money income I still have time to be back on track but I know I'll be soon. And I'll also have a better person to live with.
God bless you. I loved you a lot that such thing will happen was never imagined, but you raise your hands diplomatically. I have no grudges with you coz you are nothing to me. God bless you.. Also may you regret my absense.