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1991-09-03 05:36:41 (UTC)

i wrote a poem

well, disclaimer first:
this is a poem bout a sensitive topic(grooming)
so if you are a sensitive person
please proceed with caution
or just don't read it at all
this was never meant to offend anyone
but rather my feelings and thoughts bout a certain situation
but if you find this offensive, message me why and i'll remove this fast

alright here we go:

Groomers really like the insecure
The one whose dad ,they've never seen before
Fragile and weak? oh so easy to score
I'm sure they'll send their pussy bout a minute or four

Grooming is easy i can show you how
First make them open up then say "i'm here now"
Or maybe the classic "you're special and different not like those other hoes"
Now you go and reap what you sow

Or are you the dead inside?
Now they're rubbing ur clit, now you feel alive
Love and sex how do you define?
Bitch idfk im only 9

Now we're stuck in a loop of algorithm
Breeding babies with confused mommies
Damn we ride so hard with this disastrous rhythm
All for the sake of fucking love

Now listen up, don't fall for the nice guys
If he get all things right, it means it's rehearsed with the girls in his line
Girl you don't need to show your skin to make him buy
There's filters now, you could settle for a seven and a lie

Or even better get a fucking personality
Then have standards with a guy that's actually funny
And he thinks and stimulates your brain
The one who looks for connection not a temporary jane