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2020-09-02 18:17:20 (UTC)




What a mess,
I had made arrangements to pick up my ex limp, so he can get his car outa here.
It’s chilly out.
It’s fall.
So, was grabbing my tan wedge boots and threw on an oversized Sherpa sweater. Kept my hair in a ponytail and no makeup......
And Indio hangs up claiming I’m wearing “heels” and said “go get dolled up for your ex”......
So, I’m not going.
Will have my ex bring a stranger here, which I don’t want.
I’m getting rid of all my clothes except his two sweatshirts and I will wear those 24/7.
Don’t want to be accused of looking nice for someone.
I was doing what I normally do, which is match. Black shoes with a black bag, brown shoes, brown bag, etc. but.....screw it.
He can see me in a pair of oversized men’s jeans and a sweatshirt 24/7.
Next time he wants to dress nice, I will assume it’s for someone’s attention.
I’ve always, and Indio knows this, even when I go to town for grocery shopping or whatever, I go looking semi nice. Not frumpy.
I FEEL better about ME when I dress decent.
Screw it.

The stupid internet is down yet again.
It rained.
Every time it rains, the internet goes down.
My Sheldon has his schooling to do today. But can’t.
So I have to call school.


Called school
Text my ex to get someone else to help......
He claims he doesn’t know anyone else to help.....
Yeah, ok.....all the people you know......
Yeah, I don’t want people knowing where I live, I don’t want people bothering me, I’m out here in the middle of Amish land for a reason.
But, whatever.
I’m soo done.
I’m so tired of dealing with peoples insecurities.

I’m going back to bed.

“I’ve spent my life in the mind of a monster”