Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-09-02 15:35:05 (UTC)

Las Vegas

My son drove him, his girlfriend and I to Las Vegas Saturday, I enjoyed the long relaxing ride. There we met with my brother Carlus who also drove down with his family. Once there we booked our rooms at Airbnb and rested a little awhile, then we got up, ate, walked the strip, played a few slot machines, laugh and talked. Unfortunately we didn’t win any money but I enjoyed myself. The next day(Sunday) I met up with my friend Lajuan who moved out there in February, we first met up at The PepperMill but unfortunately they was closed due to COVID-19. She then drove us to Bonefish Grill where we ate, talked and reminisced about old times. Then she wanted me to see her place so she drove us to her home. I enjoyed my time with her. My son picked me up and we visited other friends that had moved there too. Then we drove home which I really enjoyed because it was at night and even more relaxing feeling the cool breeze as my son drove us home. I’m hoping to go back this year but this time I want to go with my sister. I hope this happens soon.