La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-09-02 01:17:10 (UTC)

Floating on freezing water

Well seems like in only a little more than a week a lot has hapend. This last weekend the weather was finally sunny enough for us to go to the springs and I must say it was oh so very refreshing to be floatig on the freezing water and have the sun kiss my face for a few moments I was in the water and was able to forget everything and everyone. All my worries disapeared for a few momebts it was the perfect feeling of peace even if only a few minutes it sure made me feel good.
On another note life has been a little dificult online clases sending evidence of my doughters homework etc a little to stress full if you ask me.
My son is going to school to be regestered and I hope it all works out.
I got hurt on my foot also and been taking extra care of my bloodsugars am terrified when something like this hapens because I know how bad it can turn out if I don't keep an eye on my health. Any how a little boting entree but not feeling to inspired latly. Good night