Scream Above the Sounds
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2020-09-01 19:17:46 (UTC)

20 Days

It's officially 20 days until I start university. It still hasn't really sunk in yet but give it a week, it'll hit me. It's still a bit strange and up in the air right now, I received an e-mail last week about us being homeschooled as well as on campus so God knows how this is going to go. I planned to buy a laptop when my student loan comes in, but if we are at home for the majority of the time then I'll just do everything on the desktop. I think they said it would be homeschooled until January but we'll see what happens, I imagine they are playing a lot of things by ear right now. It's still somewhat exciting I guess. I would never get involved with freshers or anything like that, but the idea of meeting new people and studying something that actually interests me does perk me up a little. I'm too old to be going out and getting drunk all the time. I had a few gins the other night and I was ruined. My drinking days are over, haha.

Today has been pretty bland; most days are right now. I did some stuff on WoW earlier and then I played a few hours of co-op in Portal 2. I forgot how fun that game is. It's only 7:21pm but I already feel like I'm ready for bed. I started watching Hannibal again (best show ever by the way), I'm already on the final season so I'll probably crack on with that. I really do hope they find a way of bringing it back someday. I read that the producer and director was looking at securing the rights of Silence of the Lambs, so that would be pretty exciting to see something like that. Mads Mikkelsen is such a brilliant Hannibal. So mysterious, so sinister and so bloody handsome. I forgot how good this show was until I restarted it, now I find myself not wanting it to end.

I don't really have much else to say to be honest. Writing here again is hard, maybe it's because my moods aren't drenched in sadness, or things are just much better now. I guess I have a better perspective and I've learned to try and control the controllable. If something is out of our hands then we just have to let it be, or at least try.


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