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me and my life
2020-08-31 20:56:18 (UTC)

What a confusion🤔?

Life is so confusing so am I. I don't understand all my loge it was hard for me to find a right guy and to like a guy and now these days I'm liking all guys. Guy #1i found him so sexy I even imagined stuffs with him, guy #2 I had a video call and he was all of sudden good, I mean merko wo lallu laga and today he was all peppy pulling my leg and behaving as if we are already a couple, guy 3 was average but I still liked him as he was good in talking, guy 4 yesterday he was so hot that I thought of even settling to Bangkok with him. Gosh now all aside n guy 2 is again in front. My gosh why am I behaving so?? I know I have to see more guys.. But why am I liking all coz I think I have no option?? 😒 God know am going crazy. I should calm down and take some break. Phewww so from tomorrow I'll not look for guys only naukri.Com
But also I wanna marry ASAP. Alright m becoming insomniac I guess it's 2.33 am good fucking night.