taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-08-31 02:58:25 (UTC)

might still be high on the devil's lettuce

but i wanna turn this boat around a little bit here, i think. engage with life a little more, post something slightly risky like a #selfie. yeah! i've been a crumb bumb for qu-quite a while now. i just need to be realer. on public profiles and places, but mostly. i gotta be realer with this guy right here *points at self with curled atrophy finger*. inject a little more humor into the bleakness. depreciating, but in a goddamn slightly pa-- maybe try and shift focus onto a new hobby. ughhh. no no, stick with this. hobby. weed is an elite hobby as is killing wordscapes tournaments on the reg. but maybe something more *hard swallow* worthwhile. in all honesty, it would be nice to be more gentle with myself, as per the mental health brochures. maybe that could be the hobby. don't berate yourself and kick the couch because you dropped the vacuum 3 times in a row. ya big lug. spaghetti fingers. what a wild pair of hands you have sir!


damn bro. with a bit of practice and concerted effort, m

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