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2020-08-30 21:43:32 (UTC)

Random Assortment - August 2020

August 30, 2020 Sunday 9:44 PM

AUATC by Bon Iver
Out of Range by Brand New
One-Eighty By Summer by Taking Back Sunday [I was angsty at the beginning of August]
Jonny by Faye Webster [helped ease my anxiety along with Stardew Valley earlier in the month]
Motivation by Normani [a jam]
Kissing Families by Silversun Pickups [Isaac suggested it and I liked it at first, but I did get sick of the song after a couple of weeks]
Circadian Rhythm (last dance) by Silversun Pickups [same vibe^^]
Santa Barbara by Angelo de Augustine
Seventeen by Sharon Van Etten ft. Norah Jones [this one also got annoying]
Only She Knows by Loving
Get Gone by Fiona Apple [this and "Every Single Night" are still my favorite Fiona Apple songs. I went on a short Fiona Apple kick again and this one stuck, of course]
Here They Come by Hamilton Leithauser [such a cool song! very autumnal. Reminds me a bit of the Over the Garden Wall aesthetic. sort of.]
****Shirim by Melody's Echo Chamber [this song SLAAAPs. I tried to listen to the rest of the album but I just didn't enjoy it as much. Reminds me kind of Blonde Redhead but also Grimes and also Tame Impala?? It's soooo good]
Sunset Canyon by Foxwarren & Andy Shauf
Wintersong by Blake Mills
Cherry-coloured Funk by Cocteau Twins [a classic, dream-pop. Very good]
Always Forever by Cults [why did i put this here. i was trying to vibe with Melody's Echo Chamber, but this quickly got old]
When You Sleep by My Bloody Valentine [me trying to understand what all the fuss is about. its ok, very cool and atmospheric and spacey, but not exactly my vibe]
Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine [I liked this one a bit more, but I mostly liked it because it reminded me of Have a Nice Life—post-punk/experimental rock apparently, where MBV is dream-poppish... I think MBV is shoegaze, but idk that Have a Nice Life is. Actually I think they are—what wth the buried vocals, heavy "wall of sound" guitar/guitar layers and reverb).
****Who Would Leave Their Son Out in the Sun? by Have a Nice Life [this song really took me in, it sounds like... grief and acceptance?... I re-listened to deathconsciousness... omg its so good. One of these days I really want to read the philosophical pamphlet it comes with. I am so interested in cohesive concept projects like this]
There is No Food by Have a Nice Life
Sea of Worry by Have a Nice Life
Fell in Love (At the Water) by Candy Claws [SO GOOD!!!! wtf!!! Blonde Redhead sound but also Clams Casino???]
*****Come in by Weatherday [So I listened to the entire Weatherday Come In album and I gotta say... it's AWESOME. This is the guy's first album!! And it's really good, it's super cohesive and engaging and generally just.... very very good. 10/10 would recommend, especially if you like lofi-ish/or stuff with a lot of noise in it (from what I read, he didn't have good recording equipment, so the quality "suffers," but I really enjoy fuzziness/noisiness in music, it is very atmospheric. I wonder if this too would qualify as shoegazey???? or am I over-applying the term. I also think maybe the lyrics and the pace are probably too quick and pronounced for it to qualify as shoegaze. This song especially, by the way, is a POWERHOUSE; it's short and to the point and FUNNNNN]
***My Sputnik Sweetheart by Weatherday [another one of my favs off the album. Apparently named after a Murakami book, which makes me want to read it. It's a pretty long song, but it never really gets boring, always changing but still maintaining the same, like... line of thought? motif? maybe that's just an obvious consequence of staying in a key LOL. whatever im dumb and idk music]
Sleep In While You're Doing Your Best by Weatherday [classic emo sound]
*******Agatka (Agatha! You're Being Melodramatic!) by Weatherday [I think this is my top favorite from the album. It just makes me feel so hopeful and loved and sad and I feel like I'm in high school—not a real high school, but like if the Charlie Brown animations were a high school, and everything is ending but in a nice way. Reminds me a bit of something I read in a fanfiction last night (lol) in which one of the characters was having a mutual breakup with his longtime girlfriend, and it said something like, "it kind of hurt, but in a good way, like after getting a bone reset" or something like that. It was nicer in the story. I thought that was very bittersweet and poignant, which is how I feel about this song as well.]
Call It Fate, Call it Karma by The Strokes [Maria was listening to this on repeat the other day, she told me]
Melatonin Nightmarezzz by Dream, Ivory [For one thing—the song title reminded me vaguely of Adrian, for some reason; and the band's name reminded me of Elise. So I am not even sure I like the song, but I added it anyways]
***7-eleven by black midi [I don't ~love~ this song sound-wise, but in terms of storytelling, it's REALLY COOL! Microfictionnnn. It works best in htis format too. By allowing space and sound to control the pace at which the story is told. Normally, in writing, that pacing can only be managed by scaling density up or down—like, how many words are dedicated to each moment. To slow down a moment, you need to write more about it, etc. etc (not necessarily about the *important* part of the moment, but even about "mundane" environmental stuff—things that will, by nature of their position, acquire symbolism in reference to the actual unspoken conflict. Fuck, I love writing). But here, the language remains spare, and it is able to remain spare like that because of the space afforded by the controlled space of music. You can't skim a song the way you can skim a page. Anyway that's all, I just think this is a really good story told in exactly the right way.]
[Addendum: I just listened to a KEXP video of a black midi performance and it was actually AWESOME. They're like rock but.... jazz??? I don't know it's crazy and it's amazing]
Helpless Child by Swans [This song scares me!!! I like it]

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