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2020-08-30 23:02:06 (UTC)

A pinch

Well, ended up going with no drink yesterday, and smelled it all afternoon like I had one open in my hand. It was brutal.
I did end up popping one today.

I have my nice new beautiful pink pipe, and a bag. Ordered a grinder and some screens that will be here tomorrow. Took 3 hits, no high, nothing, and didn’t do anything yesterday nor today, so will not abuse it. Hope it helps with pain. Tired of hurting.

The dog, Shelby, still used the floor. Indio continues to say he will stop bringing her here, but that’s not going to happen. He also, left the puddles of her mess on the floor. Since it’s “no big deal” I used her blanket in her kennel to clean the mess. I’m so tired of the mess. I’m going to find another way, take her out every 15 minutes if I have to, and put her in the kitchen only at night or have her sleep in her kennel all night. He has no other suggestions other than stop bringing her, but he won’t leave her behind, but when we go to his place, he expects me to leave mine, and I have 5 here not his one.

Other than that, things are going well. We seem to be knowledgeable with each other, so an improvement.

Sheldon starts his online school on Wednesday. Will see how it goes.

I’m going to punch a pinch on the pipe and hit the hay.