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me and my life
2020-08-30 16:21:04 (UTC)

Guy #4 confused and disappointed

Lets not talk abt guy 1 he is out desai, US, Tilaknagar

Guy #2 sunny, us, dongri is trying hard but i dnt connect with him as he is too 😑boring.

Guy #3 prasanna US navi mum, was very impressed but dont know what happened he is also out no buzz nothing.

Guy #4 entered surprisingly Sandeep Singapore after many days. He looked hot among all. But i kinda don't feel positive after talking to him. He is going to shift to Bangkok, I found him a bit strange at some point, he was introvert but i donno i guess I won't go ahead with him. Let's see...
Now I need a break now. I won't talk to anyone for a while. This is becoming depressing.