Do Not Disturb

2020-08-30 05:17:04 (UTC)

I don't know anymore

He came again tonight. But it seems like he only wants me sexually because every time he comes over here he just wanna touch on me and kiss me. And this is his maybe fourth time coming over. Everybody was forcing me to be with him so I thought I would give him a shot but all the shot he wants with me is sexually. He hangs around with those guys to much at work. And to not actually have a full blown conversation and watch tv. He came in my room this time instead of the living room. He thought we was gonna fuck but we didn't. He looked high as fuck too. So,maybe it was the weed talking. He was trying to have sex with me and I told him that I was on my period. How disgusting is he ? He's a pervert.

Another guy gone down the drain.

I just wanna be loved and not just for sex.

Are their guys out their that wants to be in a relationship anymore ?

- A