taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2020-08-28 23:40:02 (UTC)

the bad at emailing guy

reached out to monique on friday after wanting to for like 2 months but being a scared child about it. these days long panic attacks aren't cutting the mustard anymore. today was an absolute soul suck, but i don't believe in souls so... any number of reasons she won't respond - it's been over a year, maybe she retired?, maybe she has a new email address?, maybe she died?(!) - we're in a pandemic, ygatq -, maybe i didn't go through the proper channels, maybe i just wrote a shit ass email. i really hope she responds. there was a time when she knew me better than most and really helped organize some thoughts and provide some winning insights. my thirst for reorganization quite substantial!

also brody messaged me out of the blue and i messaged back today (a day later) and it was mostly about her tiktoks and i felt awkward and sad. did i mention the soul suck thing? yeah all day.

i've never seen black panther. but only because contemporary superhero movies are tedious and overplayed as a genre.

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