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Lab Rats: It's Good to be Alive (4,764 wds)

Lab Rats: It’s Good To Be Alive
D’Arc Tangent

“Brie! Watch Out!” was the last thing she heard Chase say before she was enveloped in a ball of fire.
She woke up two days later, her hair a little singed, two broken ribs, and a concussion from when the blast threw her twenty feet through the air.
“It's good to be alive.” Brie said to herself even as she winced at the slight pain in her ribs that were still healing. One thing she was grateful for was the upgrade to their pods. No more polycarbonate capsule that she had to sleep standing up. Davenport had redesigned them so they were more like beds. She could lay down to sleep, and still charge her bionics. Plus, having her own room, meant she could wear girl clothes. She could sleep in the satin little teddy Tasha had bought her for her 18th birthday. Not long after coming out as bionic superheroes, Brie started to develop more human characteristics. She was dressing more feminine. She was hanging out with other girls, those that were not intimidated by her abilities, and she had started dating a young artist named Owen for the past couple of years. Everything was coming up Brie, but she still had her “job” as a bionic superhero, and that meant that there would be situations that were dangerous, and that explosion hit home. Luckily her pod/bed accelerated her healing, but as she lay there for two days, allowing the sense of her own mortality to set in, Brie knew that life was too short to waste.
Brie attempted to super speed into her street clothes, to go out, and as soon as she stepped out of bed, she collapsed on the floor in pain.
Donald Davenport, the man Brie called father, was at her side in moments.
“Brie, what happened?” he asked as he moved to her side, followed by her two brothers, Adam and Chase.
“I, I don’t know.” she said, pain wracking her body as she tried to hold back the tears that were forming. “I, I just wanted to get, to, get, to get dressed, and suddenly it felt like my insides were tearing apart.”
Davenport held a portable scanner to her, moving it up and down her body as he took the reading.
“It’s as I suspected.” he said, closing the scanner, and Adam and Chase helped her to her bed, “Your body is healing, but your bionic interface has not fully been restored. Some of your more high-level functions, like your super speed, have not fully integrated into your matrix yet.”
“English?” she asked.
“What Mr. Davenport is saying is that, until your bionic interface heals completely, you won’t have your super speed. Your vocal manipulation and your invisibility should still function though.” Chase felt the need to mansplain to Brie what was happening.
Brie turned to Mr. Davenport and asked, “Instead of them not being able to see me, can you have Douglas make it so I can’t see them?” and she wagged her finger between the two boys who have been a constant thorn in her side all her life.
“Just get some rest.” Donald said, “You will be back on missions in no time, but you need to rest.”
Then shuffling the boys out of the romm he added, “Move, let Brie get some rest.” and soon they were all gone, and Brie was left alone in her room again.
Brie lay on her bed, hands behind her head, staring at the ceiling, when her thoughts started to drift toward Owen. She saw him last just before she went on that fateful mission, and if he had visited her while she was unconscious, she was not aware of it, and she suddenly realized that she was missing him terribly. Brie listened to the clock on her wall. The second hand ticking off. Each tick seemed to last minutes. Finally, she could not take the solitude, and got out of bed.
As Brie stood in front of her mirror, contemplating what she was going to wear today, out of the blue the one question nagged at her the most.
“Who dressed me?”
She hoped above all else it was her step-mother, Tasha. Donald never looked at any of them as more than lab rats, and her brothers never even thought of her as a girl, let alone a woman, but still, the thought that one of these three men had undressed her gave her the creeps, compounded by the fact that out of all the clothes she had in her wardrobed, they would have picked the single most feminine outfit made her just want to turn invisible.
“Knock, Knock!” Tasha said, even as she actually knocked on the door as she opened the door slightly to poke her head in, “You awake Brie?” Then, seeing that Brie was out of bed, entered the room and closed the door behind her. “Oh, that looks so adorable on you Brie.” Tasha beamed out at her, “I am glad I chose that one.”
“So you did this?” Brie asked, motioning to the tiny little outfit she was wearing, then placed her hands to her heart and said, “Thank You.”
“Well, I bought it for you, so I was biased as to the choice.” Tasha explained.
“It’s not that. I was just afraid one of my brother’s dressed me.”
“Oh I never would have let happen,” Tasha said, “Donald was in his scientist mode until he had you patched up, then we moved you to your room for recovery, I dressed you, and the door was locked, and your vitals were monitored, all in private. I never let those two goofballs anywhere near you.”
“Did Owen stop by?” Brie asked.
“He did.” Tasha said, “But we told him you were recovering, and that we would let him know when you were able to have visitors.” then pointing to herself and the door, she added, “Did you want me to...”
“No.” Brie said, “I will. I have to get out of here for a while. Is it alright if I go visit him?”
“I am sure Donald won't have a problem with a little outing,” the looking very stern, she added, “No bionics!”
“But Chase said,” and using her vocal manipulation talent, Brie repeated, in Chase’s voice, “Your vocal manipulation and your invisibility should still function though.”
“That never stops being creepy.” Tasha said, then, “Still, don’t push yourself. Take it easy, alright?”
Brie turned to Tasha and hugged her firmly, “I will Tasha.” and Tasha hugged her back, and left Brie alone again.
Brie stood in front of her tri-fold mirror, and pulled the top of her babydoll nightie off, and struggled slightly to see the damage to her back. The redness was gone, and most of the scarring had diminished. She pulled the panties down a little to see if the scarring had reached her ass, but thankfully it was localized to her upper back, and it had started to fade. A by-product of her bionic implants, her healing had been greatly enhanced, but still not fast enough for her liking. She needed to get back into action. All this waiting, and doing nothing was driving her crazy, so she pulled off her bottoms, and stood naked in front of her closet and picked out an outfit to wear.
Usually favouring long pants to cut down on the air friction when she runs, today, she opted for a pair of Daisy Duke cut-offs, black lace thong and lacey bralette, and a white cotton top. It took her a painfully slow ten minutes to get dressed. She finished with a pair of pink ankle socks and her runners, and once she was sure she looked good, she left the house.
Normally, getting out of the house without being noticed was just a manner of super-speeding past everyone, but her injuries have made that a null point. Instead, she opted for stealth. Turning invisible, she crept down the stairs and into the living room. Her two brothers, Chase and Adam, were sitting on the sofa, playing a video game and she stopped in her tracks. If she opened the door, it would arouse suspicion, and even though her invisibility was a passive ability, she could feel it straining her bionic chip, and she knew she would not be able to hold it for much longer. She could feel her body heating up from the exertion when suddenly the door opened and Donald and Leon entered the room. Once they cleared the door, but before it could close on its own, Brie moved quickly through the door and was out in the fresh air. As soon as she saw the door close, she turned off her invisibility and proceeded down the driveway to the street.
It was a warm, sunny day in SoCal, and Brie was luxuriating in the warmth of the sun on her face as she strolled casually down the street. She had almost forgotten what it meant to just walk somewhere without hurry, without super speed. To just walk for the sheer pleasure of walking.
“Yes,” Brie said softly to herself, “It is good to be alive.”
Brie continued her walk at a slow, leisurely pace, just enjoying the freedom of being out, and away from her brothers. Soon she was out of the shadow of her elitist neighbourhood, and was now deep into the poorer section of town, which to be fair, was still pretty nice, and coming close to Owen’s house. As she passed an alley, she saw two men apparently accosting a young woman. As they struggled to take her purse away, Brie shouted to them, “Leave her alone!”
“Waddaya gonna do about it?’ one of the men shouted, and Brie, as a reflex action, attempted to super-speed her way to them, got no more than a few feet and fell to ground in pain. She rolled on her back clutching her stomach and moaning as the young victim ran away from the now distracted thieves.
“You just cost us a good time.” the man said, as he closed in on Brie, his partner close behind, “So I guess you will just have to make it up to us.”
Brie managed to get onto her hands and knees, and she had no idea what they meant, but she was sure it was not going to be good. As they approached, she used her vocal manipulation ability to make the sound of a police car pulling up, the sound echoing through the alley so they could not pinpoint the direction, and as they both looked back to see what was happening, she turned invisible and quickly crawled away to the safety of a nearby dumpster.
“Where the fuck she go?” the second man said, as they returned their attention to their latest victim, only to discover her gone. As they scanned the alley, trying to find a trace of their target, they once again heard a police car, and this time the flashing lights came into view, and the two would be attackers ran off. Brie couldn’t hold her invisibility any longer, the pain from her attempted super-speed was too much and she came back into view as two officers came down the alley.
“Are you alright?” one asked, spying her behind a dumpster, clutching her stomach.
“I will be.: she gasped out, “Thank you.”
“Where’s the other officers? The other asked, looking down the alley, “We heard a siren, and came to assist.”
Although the three of them had been outed years ago as bionic super humans, not everyone recognized them on sight, especially in street clothes, and Brie enjoyed the occasional anonymity, “I, I don’t know. I was on the ground when I heard the siren, I thought that was you guys. Thankfully, you chased the culprits away.”
Brie stood up, her knees scratched from crawling across the ground as the first officer again repeated, “Are you alright?” Do you need us to call an ambulance?”
Brie was getting her breath, and strength back as she said, “No, but thank you. I am alright. My boyfriend is only a few more blocks. I will be alright.”
“Do I know you?” the cop that offered her assistance asked, “You seem very familiar.”
“I just have one of those faces.” Brie said, “But I really do have to go. Thank you again for the help, but really, I am alright.” and she walked away. The two officers just shrugged and returned to their vehicle.
Brie walked up to Owen’s door. Countless life-threatening missions had not prepared her for this. It had been weeks since she last saw him, and she was feeling particularly vulnerable, and all she wanted was to see him, but now that she was standing in front his door, the sound of the doorbell echoing through the door, she had never felt this level of fear before. Her palms were sweating, and she was about to turn around and leave when the door opened.
“Brie!” Owen shouted as soon as he saw her face, and flung his arms around her, hugging her body close to his. Brie winced as his arms circled her back, and he let her go.
“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he said as he took her hands in his, “Come, come inside. How are you feeling? Are you all better now?”
Brie stepped into his house, as Owen continued to fire questions at her, and all she did was lean back against the door until she heard it click shut, then flung herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately on the mouth. Owen’s eyes went wide, and his arms were raised away from her, but the warmth of her body pressed against him, and her tongue moving inside his mouth caused him to relent, relax, wrap his arms around her again, being careful not to hold her too tightly, and he melted into her passion. Minutes later, panting, they pulled away.
“God I’ve been waiting so long to do that.” Brie said, then, taking his hand in hers, she walked upstairs to his room, Owen following obediently behind her, and once in his room, she closed the door, and leaned back against the door. She looked at him with hunger in her eyes, then stalked closer to him.
“Your back is still sore?” Owen asked, and Brie nodded, biting her bottom lip, “Can I see the scars?”
Brie just looked at him, a far-off look in her eyes as if she was contemplating something, then she nodded again. Owen thought she was going to lift the back of her top, but instead, was amazed when she removed the white cotton blouse completely, her back toward him, the black lacey bra strap cutting a swath across her back, the two shoulder straps framing the tiny pink scars that ran across her back.
“Wow, they are almost all healed.” Owen said, and Brie turned to face him, the little pink areolas poking just above the tiny lace trim of her bralette.
“Owen,” she said, looking into his eyes, “Can you draw me?”
“I’ve drawn you many times before Brie.” he said.
“No,” she said, as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, shaking it off her shoulders, and tossing it to the bed, “Draw me. Like this.” and she took his hands and placed them on her breasts, his fingers caressing the pebble-hard nipples. “I want you to draw all of me.” and she started to undo the button on her Daisy Dukes. She pulled the zipper down, and led his hand inside the heavy fabric where he could feel the coarse hairs beneath the lacey thong.
Brie stood up. “Take them off.” she said, motioning to her shorts, and Owen pulled the faded cut-offs down her strong, muscular legs. The skin was soft and smooth, but the underlying muscle was hard and enticing. Then he grasped her ass, pulling her body top his as he pulled the black lace thong down as well, freeing the close-cropped bush, and using his thumbs, opened her to his mouth.
Owen slid his tongue into Brie, and she gasped slightly at the sensation. His fingers cupped her ass cheeks, holding her to his mouth as he thrust and licked inside her. Brie’s legs started to feel week, and she had to hold his head to stop from falling as his mouth opened and closed on her until finally, gasping for air, she pushed him away.
“Was I doing something wrong?” he asked, and there was a sadness in his eyes.
“Hell no!” Brie said as she hugged Owen close to her, his head now resting on her breasts as she stroked his hair, “But before you go any further, I still want you to draw me.” and she kissed the top of his head.
Brie sat on the edge of his bed as Owen pulled his chair from his desk to the middle of the room, and grabbed his sketch pad. Brie laid across his bed, on her side, resting her head on her hand as Owen started to draw her. He penciled in the outline of her body. The curves of her hips. The flow of her hair over her breasts. The lush triangle between her legs when he heard the door open.
“Owen? You home dear?” his mother said, and Owen went white, trying to figure out how he was going to explain a naked woman in his bedroom, when he noticed Brie was gone.
“Mom!” Owen said, anger in his throat, “Can’t you knock before just barging into my room like that?”
“Sorry dear.” she said, looking around the apparently empty room, “but you are alone anyway.” then noticing his sketch pad her eyes narrowed, and her brows knitted together as she said, “I don’t think Brie will appreciate you drawing naked pictures of her. If she wants you to see her naked, she will let you know, until then, you should respect her as a human being.”
“I am not even finished. How do you know I am drawing nude images of Brie? Or that it will be nude, at all?”
“You are a young and talented artist with a very beautiful, and famous, girlfriend, but you are right, there is no indication that you are drawing anyone naked, but just remember, just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.” then, kissing the top of his head, she said, “Go get some fresh air. Don’t stay cooped up in this room all day. Supper’s at five.”
As soon as the door closed, he turned back to the bed and said, “Brie?” just as she became visible again. “That was close.”
“Fuck yeah!” she said, “Come here.” and Owen stood and walked toward her. As soon as he was within range, Brie started to undo his belt, then the buttons on his pants, and pulled down the zipper.
“I, I thought you wanted me, oh my god!” he gurgled out as Brie took his quickly hardening manhood from his pants. Owen pushed his pants down over his hips as Brie took him in her mouth. Her hands were soft, but her grip was like steel as she massaged his cock, while sucking deeply on it, and he was so thankful her super-speed was not working or it could have been very embarrassing. With his cock deep in her mouth, Brie looked up at him, and the gleam in her eyes, and the way her mouth curled up at the corners, he knew something was going to happen, then the sudden lurch of his body as he shot his load into her mouth confirmed it.
“Fuck Brie, I’m sorry, I wanted to …"
“Don’t be.” she said as she pulled away from his erection, “I needed that to happen, so this can happen now.” and she laid back on the bed, and spread her legs open for him.
“Fuck me Owen. Put that cock inside me. Make me scream your name.”
“God, I hope not!” he said, shocked, “My mom is downstairs. What if she hears us?”
“One thing I know from my missions, get the job done.” she said, then rolling over she reached for her shorts, and pulled out a small foil packet, “But always be prepared.” she smiled as she threw the condom packet at him, “Now fuck me.”
Owen stepped out of his pants, and pulled off his underwear, then took off his shirt, and as his erection returned, much quicker than he would have imaged, he opened the condom packet and slid the rubber over his shaft, then climbed on the bed over Brie. As he kneeled between her legs, looking down at her incredible body, toned from years of training, a thought ran through his head, and he gritted out, “Shit!” and got off the bed the put a chair under the doorknob.
“I don’t want THAT happening again, especially if you go invisible, and I am left naked straddling what appears to be an empty bed.”
“Good call.” Brie encouraged, then, “Now get that monster cock over here and fill me up you stud-muffin.”
Owen returned to his spot between her legs, and lifted the finely toned legs over his shoulders, and lowered his head between them, his tongue licking the bright pink slit. Brie bit her lower lip at the sensation, and thrusted her hips up at him, granting him clearer access to her womanhood. He lapped her juices, and sucked on the tender nerve bundle as his fingers caressed the firm flesh of her buttocks. They moved in unison, Brie thrusting her hips as Owen plunged his tongue inside her, then she lowered herself as his tongue reached her clit, then thrusting her hips again as he plunged deeper into her. Brie had to shut her eyes to hold back the tears forming from the pleasure. Owen’s chin was slick from her juices, and he was absolutely positive she was ready to receive him. Pushing her legs wider, he moved his body up along hers, kissing her belly, then up along her body until he reached her breasts, and his mouth covered one as his fingers pinched the other nipple. Brie wanted to scream out in pleasure, but held it in, not wanting to arouse Owen’s mother to the pleasure he was granting her, until she could contain it no longer, and grabbed Owen’s head and kissed him, releasing a rush of ecstasy into his mouth instead of the air around them, and she kissed him with such passion that he had to position himself inside her, slowly pushing into her throbbing and wet pussy and again Brie had to muffle her screams of pleasure with his mouth.
Both hands caressed her breasts as Owen continued his thrusting into her, pounding his manhood into her like a jackhammer. Brie’s vagina gripped him as he thrusted, the pressure was exquisite, and spurred him to intensify his thrusts, moving his body in a stroking motion, not just a thrusting action, and Brie returned the actions with her body as well, her hips moving up to greet his thrusts, as her mouth sought his. Their bodies were in rhythm as they made love. They glowed from the sunlight reflecting off their sweat, and Brie was struggling from screaming out in ecstasy as the sensations built in her until Owen finally came in her, and she had to kiss him so that her screams were muffled by his mouth, and the two finally collapsed, panting, their breathing ragged, their muscles spent and quivering as Owen rolled off Brie and lay beside her, stroking her hair, and tracing his fingers across her goose-pimpled flesh, which just caused her skin to tingle again.
Brie watched as Owen’s erection, now spent, starting to soften, and took the condom off him, and tied it off. As she tossed it to the wastebasket, she playfully fondled his cock, kissing it like a little kid kissing her toy doll, and giggling when she licked it, and it twitched.
“What are you doing Brie?” Owen asked.
“This is fascinating.” she replied, still mesmerized by his cock, “I have never seen one of these before, and I want to know everything about it.”
“You did take health class, right?”
“Yeah, but they were just drawings, but this,” and she held the now flaccid cock gently in her hand, “This is real. It is soft, and hard, and warm, and,” she licked it, running her tongue across the slit and making it twitch again, “Tasty.” and she kissed Owen again, hard, her tongue jockeying with his. “God, I could do this all day.”
Owen reached between them, and fingered her clit, moving his finger in circles around the little bundle of nerves, before thrusting it into the wet slit as Brie gasped at the penetration and moved her body closer to him.
“Fuck that’s nice.” she said as she nibbled on his earlobe.
Brie moved over Owen, straddling his head, her pussy over his face, and he required no more incentive than that to catch on to what she wanted. His thumbs spread her open, and his tongue went to work, and Brie started to move her hips as he licked her, and sucked on her nub. Brie’s body rocked yet again with the incredible pleasure she was experiencing to the point she could not contain herself any longer, and she came on hip lip, the sweet, sticky juices flowing into his mouth, and Brie slid back down his body and lay atop him, their hearts beating in unison as their wet and sticky flesh melded to each other.
Suddenly, the door moved, but was stopped by the chair, followed by a knocking and Owen’s mother telling him supper was ready, as Brie super-speeded into the closest with her clothes, and Owen shouted, “I’ll be down mom. I was just taking a nap.” as Brie, now fully dressed, exited the closest.
“Did you just super-speed?” he asked.
“I did.” Brie squealed, “I did. Wow, you are really good.” she smiled.
“I doubt I had anything to do with that, but I am glad you feel I was a contributing factor.”
Brie kissed him again and massaged his cock, then said, “You have to dress for supper, and sooner or later, someone is going to notice I am gone.”
“Can you come back tomorrow?” Owen asked, “I still haven’t finished your picture.”
“Is that the only reason you want me to come back” she teased.
“Well, let’s start with the drawing, and see where it goes from there.” he said.
“Oh, I know where it is going to go from there.” Brie smiled, moved the chair, and in a flash, was gone.
Brie walked into the house, and Donald Davenport ran toward her.
“Where have you been?” he asked.
“I went for a walk. I was feeling a little claustrophobic. I just needed some air.”
“Are you alright?” he asked, concern running rampant on his face.
Brie said, “I am better than fine.” and she super-speeded around the room, and stopped where she started, “My superspeed is back!” and she clapped her hands together and jumped in place, excited.
“I must be even more amazing than I thought.” Donald said, “I healed you faster than I anticipated.”
“Let’s go with that Big D.” Brie said, then using head movements, signaled Tasha to meet her upstairs.
“You have something to tell me Brie?” Tasha said, as she closed the door to Brie’s room.
“Why didn’t you tell me sex was that amazing!” she said, as she sat cross-legged on her bed.
“Well, it’s different for everyone.” Tasha said, “but I am guessing it was good for you?”
“Oh My God!” Brie said, “I can’t wait to do that again!”
“Well, don’t get too carried away. It can be fun, but remember, everything in moderation.”
“We’re going to do it again tomorrow night.” she squealed again.
“Alright, and I won’t tell Donald, but sooner or later, you are going to have to, and I can’t stress this enough, do not let it become a distraction. You have to be focused on missions, not thinking about the last, or the next, big oh. Take it easy, alright?”
“I will.” Brie said, then falling back on her bed, she sighed, “It’s good to be alive.”