Do Not Disturb

2020-08-26 14:34:44 (UTC)

I'm Not Okay

My check came in last night and hit my card around 1:55 A.M. I guess its more of a morning than, a night but whatever. It hit my card and I thought I was gonna make more than, what I thought it would be because I'm always closing at work. The only time I made it as close as over five hundred something was in July the rest had just been in the fours. I'm gonna really need these hours.

They tried to call me into work again yesterday but I ignored. They called and texted three times. Woke me out of my damn sleep. I was to tired and still in pain. I got it again. Yes... Again. But a different spot. Under my breast. Well, on the side of it. I've been putting a hot rag on it every chance I get. The same thing where I had surgery last year but this time its smaller but still hurts and painful when I move but since it busted it doesn't hurt as bad. Just been putting a hot rag on it.

Anyways, of coarse my mother had to borrow some money with the cable and wifi bill. And now I barely have as much then I wanted to get something to eat and everyone else ended up getting something to eat. I might eat something different today besides McDonald's because its making me fat. I've always been feeling fat lately. The salads that I've been getting at Joe's is really good. Maybe I'll get that instead. Salads. I do love my salads.

Ready to get this work day over with off Friday and Saturday. 😊.

Thank goodness.

- A

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