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2020-08-26 23:37:37 (UTC)


Get your minds outa the gutter.
Made meatloaf for dinner. With potatoes and corn.
Needed more onion, but I can’t complain. You ARE what you eat.
Yes, I can honestly say, I have eaten things that effect my flavor of juices. Most, do not ponder the thought, but, if I don’t know what I taste like, then I can’t tell my partner that I taste good, to go there. I think men don’t munch on fish tacos because some have been too fishy, where mine, is sweet, because I eat sweet natural foods. If I eat garlic or onions, it is a bit bitter. So, I watch what I put in my body.

Had my appointment. Went well. Going to be Pre writing what I want to say to my adopted mother if I get the opportunity to call her. That way I can read it without getting my words crossed and say something I regret.

I forgot what I was writing this morning, never got back to it. Fell asleep and got up just in time for my appointment, then made dinner and playing World War Z on the Playstation and writing in here in between rounds.
I don’t understand how PC players can join PS4 games and players. They don’t play well with others.

Other than that, washed dishes, had my appointment, made dinner, yes, drinking a beer, playing to relax, and popping medications, and that’s it.

Shaved 1/2 my head yesterday.

Back in my Victoria Secret silk tank and silk booty
shorts. Black with pink piping. It’s sexy, comfortable, and appropriate for running around in. Yes, Indio doesn’t approve of me in it outside, unless he’s with me, but if he ever finds out, I wore it out in public, he’d have my head. It is a little revealing in places, but, in my opinion, my bikini is more revealing than this outfit, so I don’t see the harm in it.

Anyway, going to focus on the game, finish my Coronita, and hit the hay. Hope I get better sleep tonight than I did last night. Went to bed long enough but only got 4 hours for some reason.

So......till tomorrow.......