2020-08-26 19:13:11 (UTC)

Ampled, etc.

[A brief] Personal entry follows.

Sat in on an uncommon Zoom meeting/discussion about a cooperatively-managed and -owned platform for musicians called Ampled.

It awoke in me the stirrings of what it felt like back in the day when I helped start a theatre company, and definitely when I started the arts non-profit.

I can't recall how it was I first heard about the initiative. I'm not necessarily expecting to be back in a band anytime soon, but it's run primarily by musicians. I do think helping develop the platform for artists to take in some cash from their efforts - again, just like the non-profit back in the day - would be a cool thing to do. I wonder if there's some uncommon, useful way I could be involved. Starting at the ground floor while the organization itself is starting largely from the ground floor is a way to make yourself useful and wanted by people you never knew existed.

And also: to be in the same Zoom meeting as JD Samson, of Le Tigre and Cat Power fame, was pretty cool.

Meanwhile, I was also approached by someone who wants me to make them a custom board game using the laser cutter. They found me through my website, where I posted a few examples of my laser-cutting projects, and it happens that the example of a board game I displayed there is exactly the board game they want. We have a call scheduled for tomorrow evening to discuss the particulars, and whether or not I can take the job. We'll see how that goes.

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